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This Monday, technical failures were recorded in the Roca Train service and forced dozens of passengers to walk along the tracks in the direction of Plaza Constitución, specifically at the Avellaneda and Yrigoyen stations. The setback caused interruptions in service, with delays and cancellations.

According to the company, the interruption in circulation would have been due to a technical failure in the pantograph of a formation. This is the system that allows energy to be extracted from the catenary line (aerial power cables). As a result of the arrest of that formation, two others were detained between Darío Santillán and Maximiliano Kosteki, and Constitución. The rest of the trains remained running on alternative routes for the moment.

The situation takes place just after the announcement by Trenes Argentinos about the normalization of the service for this Monday after two weeks of works on the Barracas viaduct. What appears to be a coincidence may rather be an example of the dire state of the trains, both the infrastructure and the working conditions of their workers, with a high level of precariousness and outsourcing.

Regarding that accident, Alejandro Alvite, driver of the San Martín Railway, had declared to the media that “It is a decision to deteriorate the service to justify privatization.” Alvite had finished driving a San Martín Railway service just an hour ago, when the accident occurred in Palermo between two formations that left 100 injured, some seriously. “The service is getting worse, security conditions are being violated more and more and the consequences are visible,” he denounced. He also pointed out the responsibility of the State and the danger of new tragedies.

After that accident, the “Railway Emergency” was announced. It was the way that the ruling party sought to wash its hands of the consequences of the fierce adjustment that it is promoting in various areas of the State, including Transportation. The Government at the same time spoke of a “human error” to try to blame the workers. Milei’s current adjustment policy is criminal and plays with the lives of passengers and workers.

As a consequence of this technical failure, the La Plata and Bosques branches via Quilmes and the Korn, Ezeiza and Bosques branches via Temperley were reduced.


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