This Tuesday July 9thin the framework of a new anniversary of national Independence, the Government mounted a huge show intended to try to legitimize the Armed Forces, the Security Forces and the Police Forces.

After 11 in the morning, the process began militar parade mounted by the officials that involved the mobilization of some 7,000 employees of the various forces, as well as the deployment of some 100 planes, helicopters and other military vehicles. One of the most important deployments in recent years.

What is presented as a “party” is, in reality, an attempt to to give legitimacy to the repressive forces as a whole. We seek to advance in what all governments have attempted since the fall of the dictatorship: the reconciliation between the Armed Forces and the population. The attempt to leave behind the genocidal actions carried out by those same forces in the period 1976-1983.

Victoria Villarruelthe vice president, is a well-known defender of the actions of that dictatorshipwhich appealed to the massive use of kidnappings, disappearances and torture, with the aim of eliminating a generation of worker, popular and youth fighters who were increasingly facing capitalist domination in the country.

Villarruel is also a member of the so-called “military family” which, according to estimates, numbers hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country. The Senate president continues to speak of “complete memory” to justify the terrorist actions of the State, equating it with the actions of guerrilla organizations.

Without being so explicit, Milei defends the same conceptionHe demonstrated this in various statements and in the 2023 presidential debate, when he questioned the figure of 30,000 detained-disappeared people, in line with the denialist right of which he is a part.

Milei is also a public admirer of Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister who led the Falklands War in 1982. It was she who ordered the sinking of the cruiser Manuel Belgrano, which caused the death of 323 Argentines. That is why the vindication that the Government is trying to make on Tuesday for the former combatants of the Falklands sounds completely hypocritical.

More generally, the Government is betting on a reconciliation between the population and the Armed Forces that will facilitate their repressive actions. This is a necessary issue in the context of the adjustment that it is pushing forward with the IMF and the big employers.

However, this attempt at reconciliation is not only a right-wing effort. It has been part of the policy of all governments in recent decades. It is also part of the discourse of Peronism. A few days ago, Cristina Kirchner herself made this clear. Interviewed in Gelatina, she stated that “we need the Armed Forces, we must generate a superior view from our political space so that they understand their role in the world that is coming for resources, not only lithium or copper, but for water. Máximo said it when he spoke about the law of Bases in the Chamber of Deputies: they need to be equipped.”

The Armed and Security Forces operate as the fundamental and ultimate pillar of the capitalist State. They are its armed arms in situations of acute social crisis. They are the tool with which the capitalist class openly operates against any popular rebellion of the exploited and oppressed. That was their role in 1976, in the face of the revolutionary upsurge that had begun in the Cordobazo and that Peronism was unable to contain or stop. Any attempt at reconciliation with them is equivalent to paving the way for new repressions. That is why it is essential to denounce policies that go in that direction.


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