The situation of the cooperative workers, which was worrying today, worsened when they received by letter a document and through a notification the notice of the dismissal of 14 workers. According to the hierarchical authorities, the reason is the forceful measures that the workers and their families carried out to demand the regularization of their salaries, a demand that has been going on for several months within the framework of an emptying policy that has been promoted in the midst of a growing adjustment on working families, this shows once again the consequences of the policies carried out not only by the company but also by the Provincial and National governments.

It is a major attack since these layoffs represent more than half of the remaining workforce, which numbered 26 workers, and it is a persecutory attitude for those who fight for their labor rights. These dismissals constitute an employer lockout, since they directly affect the ability of the Cooperative to sustain the service, therefore being an attack not only on the workers but also on the thousands of users who would be harmed.

The workers are preparing a letter together with their legal representative to take to the Ministry of Labor, which issued mandatory conciliation for them to appear and call on the community to accompany them in their claim, which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th at 11 a.m.

The councilor of the PTS – Left Front Julio Mamani declared that “from our benches we will accompany the fair fight of the Cooperative workers for their demands and all the measures that they decide to carry out, as we have always done.” He also pointed out that “in the current situation we believe that it is important to focus on the coordination of all the sectors in struggle, such as the teachers and rural workers of the UATRE to strengthen the unity necessary to face the layoffs and the adjustment that the governments impose and the union leaders let it run.


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