The vice president broke the tie for the approval of a law for the delivery of natural common goods and which attacks the rights won by working people. One by one, the votes of the senators who made it possible.

After more than 12 hours of session, repression of the protest and acceptance of changes by the Government, the Base Law was approved in general, although after the modifications made in the particular vote, it must return to the Chamber of Deputies to finish defining its final articles. But the law has already been approved.

With the tiebreaker of Victoria Villarruel, in an agonizing vote, this is the list of the senators who gave the law to Milei and the great economic power:

  • 12 senators from the Radical Civic Union (UCR): Maximiliano Abad, Pablo Blanco, Flavio Fama, Eduardo Galaretto, Mariana Juri, Daniel Kroneberger, Carolina Losada, Stella Maris Olalla, Rodolfo Suárez, Gabriela Valenzuela, Eduardo Vischi and Víctor Zimmermann.
  • 7 senators from La Libertad Avanza (LLA): Bartolomé Abdala, Ezequiel Atauche, Ivanna Arrascaeta, Vilma Bedia, Bruno Olivera Lucero, j. Carlos Pagotto and Francisco Paoltroni.
  • 6 senators from the PRO: Luis Juez, Guadalupe Tagliaferri, Carmen Álvarez Rivero, Alfredo De Angeli, Martín Goerling and Victoria Huala.
  • 3 Peronist senators from Federal Unity: Edgardo Kueider, Carlos Espínola and Alejandra Vigo.
  • 3 senators from the Federal Change bloc: Juan Carlos Romero, Edith Terenzi and Andrea Cristina.
  • 2 missionary senators who respond to Governor Passalaqua: Carlos Arce and Sonia Decut.
  • The “UNESCO vote” contributed by Senator Lucila Crexell of Neuquén.
  • 1 vote from Mónica Silva from Rio Negro who responds to Governor Weretilneck
  • 1 vote from the former Tucumán senator Beatriz Ávila.

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