At the end of the 2023 presidential debate, Myriam Bregam, candidate for the Left Front, was interviewed by journalists from different media, starting with what this first event was like:

“I think it was an important experience, I came with the truth, they saw it, without clichés, without coming to make campaign promises because it is what is least needed in this context. Our country is in a very serious situation. Here you had to come to expose the truth, to say your ideas and to contrast your ideas with others. “I’m not going to let those who defend clandestine centers and death flights talk about freedom, or those candidates who are governing today and are sinking our country talking about economic promises.”

Asked by one of the journalists why she said that Milei is not a lion, she responded: “Because with power he is a cuddly kitten, I don’t see that with power he is no lion, because he has always been linked to the most concentrated companies in the economy and all those who have lived off the State, not just the businessmen who have sponsored it. When one talks about the AFJP, it was about robbing retirees so that private companies could have a financial party. “I don’t understand how he has the nerve to talk about the State.”

Another question that the FITU candidate answered to journalists as she left the debate is whether she is struck by the fact that after 40 years of democracy, denialism is being raised again. “What is striking is that I was the only candidate who raised that. Of the five formulas, the only candidate who rejected denialism, who rejected not talking deeply about what happened in our country, who vindicated the thirty thousand disappeared detainees as fighters, was me. “

Regarding the scandal that surrounded Insaurralde’s resignation this Saturday, she stressed that she was the only candidate who “from the beginning raised the issue, and did not look the other way,” and in turn asked Patricia Bullrich about the involvement of Together for The Change in Buenos Aires corruption. “Because all the Left Front candidates that you see here, workers, teachers, waste collectors, when we finish our mandate we all go back to work, we get paid like a teacher, we don’t go to live in a closed neighborhood and we live without any type of privilege. Hardly others can say that.”

Finally, when asked about the words that were exchanged between candidates but did not come to air, she responded that: “We kept talking because there were candidates who said everything that I have a hard time containing, there are struggles that I feel in my body like the struggle for women’s rights, for the defense of democratic freedoms, of human rights, and I recognize that sometimes it is difficult to contain oneself when one hears atrocities.”

Later, he analyzed the debate in an interview where he emphasized that it was an opportunity to reach out with the ideas of the left on an equal footing to other candidates who have more time and space in the media, supported by big businessmen, to many young people. Below you can see the full interview:


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