The rebellion of teachers, nurses, state workers and other sectors of workers continues to grow in Missions. On this morning protests continue Thursday with several cuts on national routes such as 12 and 14. Teaching is concentrated on the pickets and is beginning to have support from various sectors of the community. For example, independent producers from Puerto Piray approached the cut in Eldorado to provide support and solidarity to the teachers’ fight.

Despite the weeks since the start of the fight by the teaching staff and the state, the fight remains firm. This Thursday, along with the cuts at different points, various delegations Teachers from the interior of the province came to Posadas to add support to the camp that takes place in the provincial capital.

One thing to keep in mind is that the claims seem to extend to other sectors. This Thursday they registered protests by herbal producers. At the same time, the first repressive threat occurred with an order that was carried by the Gendarmerie to the roadblock that goes to Iguazú.

The rebellion seems to be spreading. This Wednesday was an intense day. First, health workers took over the facilities of the Ministry of Health. That permanence is still maintained. After that, several mobilizations were carried out in Posadas and other towns to which the complaints of teachers and students were added. The latter, in addition to their own demands, marched in solidarity towards the teaching camp.

In the cut at the height of Eldorado, The Daily Left spoke with Ruben Ortizreferent of MPL. He pointed out that: “We are facing an unscrupulous political class that has starved and impoverished thousands of workers. We are not just here for the salary, we are here to build solidarity for all workers.”

University teachers were present at the same court. The Daily Left He also spoke with Jonathan Von Below, from AduNaM, who referred to the responsibility of the provincial government but also that of the national government.

For several weeks now the workers have been holding protests demanding a salary increase, both in Posadas and in the interior of the province. However, the government has been turning a deaf ear to the claims. They ask for 100% in the face of hunger wages and the increase in inflation.

The agreements signed so far have been far below that requirement. That is why it grows anger against bureaucratic union leadership. In the case of teachers, what was agreed by UDPM and Sidepp with the Passalacqua government is 34%. In the case of Healththe workers denounce that the provincial ATE leadership signed an agreement “behind the backs of the health workers, who are the ones who are fighting. They did not let us enter the salary negotiation table.” The agreed amount was, in this case, by 28%. The decision, workers denounce, was “without consulting the bases and far from the request felt in the workplace.”

Support and solidarity at the national level

This Thursday, in framework of the national strike called by Ctera and the university teaching unions, there were mobilizations in different parts of the country. In several places, combative sectors of teaching expressed the support for the fight that Misiones teaching has been carrying out.

In CABA, there was a rally in front of the Casa de Misiones. The Ademys teaching union and leaders of combative unionism were present there. Also national deputies of the PTS-Left Front, such as Nicolás del Caño, Christian Castillo and Alejandro Vilca.

In Neuquén there was also mobilization in support of the fight of the workers of Misiones. Solidarity crossed the entire country.


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