This Monday, the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation made official a new fare increase for trains in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). It also set new reference values ​​for regional and medium and long distance trains. According to Resolution 01/2024, published today in the Official Gazette, the new rates will take effect from Thursday, May 2.

The increases cover the Sarmiento, Roca, Mitre, San Martín, Belgrano Sur, Belgrano Norte, Urquiza and Tren de la Costa lines.

The new tariff for the AMBA

Starting May 2, the minimum fare for AMBA trains will go from $130 to $200, that is, a 54% non-stop increase. The same thing happens for the second section, which will go from $169 to $260; and for the third, it will range from $208 to $320. All this if you have the SUBE card registered. If you do not have it registered, the minimum will be worth $400, the second section will be worth $520 and the third will be worth $640. And if you do not have SUBE, you will have to pay $640 in the three sections.

For its part, the Social Rate will cost $90 for the first section, $117 for the second and $144 for the third. Obviously here too, these new prices are for those who have a registered SUBE card.


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