Javier Milei put on his show in Congress this Friday. He brought his applauders, officials, put up a lectern and organized an official broadcast tailored to him so that nothing but celebrations and smiles could be seen. On the outskirts there was a mobilization and they could not prevent the sound of the banging of pots and pans from sneaking in when the president was entering the palace. Earlier, the day had started with windfalls in train and subway stations against the government’s high tariff with the participation of neighborhood assemblies.

The president made a speech that left a lot of repetition of himself, fake news and a call to governors and parliamentary blocs to agree… everything Milei says. Self-perceived as a monarch assured that, “with or without the support of the political leadership” is going to move forward with its economic plan. “We will do it with the tools that they can provide us or we will do it only with the legal resources of the Executive Branch, as we have been doing until now” he said, promising to follow the path of govern by DNU.

Although it can be interpreted that a change to confrontation with the governors came down after escalating with provinces such as Chubut and Buenos Aires, Milei wants something in return. Before the announced “May 25 Pact”, he wants to have almost 3 months to be the protagonist of the “give and take” of traditional politics. The libertarian president extorted them: There will be money for the provinces (“fiscal relief”) if they approve the DNU and the omnibus law tailored to the government and economic power in Congress. The collaborationist blocs recovered their enthusiasm and many are already preparing to face new negotiations. They greeted the presidential speech Rodrigo de Loredo from the UCR, Miguel Angel Pichetto who leads the We Make Federal Coalition bloc, and even governors such as Llaryora from Córdoba and “Nacho” Torres from Chubut. He PRO He was directly mimicked with the La Libertad Avanza bloc: they applauded euphorically throughout the speech.

The so-called pact that the president announced contains “10 principles of the new Argentine economic order” and promised to convene him in Córdoba on May 25. It includes: that private property is sacred, non-negotiable fiscal balance, tax reform, rediscussing co-participation, advancing in the plundering of natural common goods, a labor reform, a pension reform (that leaves out the right to retirement for informal workers who do not have contributions), political reform and opening to foreign trade. Complete the “10 commandments” reduction of public spending at 25% of GDP, knowing that The governors agree and are already adjusting in their provinces.

The “May 25 Pact” was Milei’s form of also respond to Cristina Fernández’s letter where he proposed a “labor update” and winked to advance some privatizations.

There was no shortage of “fake news” libertarianas. Milei said that chainsaw What he is applying is “against politics.” The truth is that the spending adjustment is being done mainly by blending pensions and salaries. The Left Front bench He responded to this lie with one of the signs they put up in the venue: “Your zero deficit is due to the hunger of retirees”. The left also pointed out against the attack on public education, another of the targets of the mileist chainsaw. Another of the presidential fakes appeared when he assured that “rents went down”. A crude statement far from the reality experienced by millions of tenants throughout the country who must allocate an increasingly higher portion of their salaries to have a roof over their heads.

In much of In the boxes of the venue there were “the fans” of the Mileista that looked like something out of a trollcenter. Waiting for a signal, they clapped and shouted. At the beginning of the speech the weather was very cold in front of a Milei who seemed nervous, and it was Santiago Caputo from one of the boxes who gave the first applause so that they could imitate him. In a privileged place were some of the Menem family, like “Zulemita” -accompanied by the businessman and former president of River D’Onofrio- and “Lule” (right hand of the president of the Chamber of Deputies). He was also seen very smiling at Daniel Scioli, current official of the La Libertad Avanza government who made the leap from Unión por la Patria. Nicolás del Caño joked about his presence: “Here Scioli says that the caste is very concerned with Milei”.

The official broadcast was like being in a libertarian algorithm: They only showed their followers, the applause, all smiles. And that’s not what happened: inside the premises they were the opposition voices of the deputies of the Left Front who met with some shouts at times and raised their complaints with signs from their benches. From Unión por la Patria they remained silent.

The president once again repeated his usual libertarian maxims, and dedicated a few minutes to his provocations against the fight of human rights organizations for memory, truth and justice. He once again denied the 30 thousand missing. “During the pandemic, where if we had done things like a mediocre country we would have had 30,000 real deaths” said.

The rejection of the Milei government’s adjustment plan was expressed again in the street. Reasons abound, that is why the neighborhood assemblies, union and social organizations and the left were in the Plaza and asked again where are the union centers that after the January strike they did not appear although things got worse for the workers. Regarding the president saying that he wants to close Telam, Myriam Bregman said “One more attack on workers. “Plan of struggle and national strike, enough of the passivity of the union centers”.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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