Dozens of organizations and representatives of the fight for the recomposition of retirement benefits met this Friday in the National Congress and were part of the public hearing convened by the Left Front – Unity benches.

Along with the deputies from the left, the vice president of the National Coordinating Table of Retirees and Pensioners Organizations, Marcos Wolman, spoke; Susana Proe, Guillermo Avalos, Raúl Roverano from the Jubilados Insurgentes group; Marta Rosendo from the Ademys teaching union and Norberto Calducci from the ATEN teaching union, from Plottier; the General Secretary of the Passive Workers Union, Horacio Burgos; the members of the Center for Retired Port Workers, Julio Sosa and Alberto Berti; the secretary of national social security of the CTA-Autonomous, Olivia Ruiz; the pension communicator Tamara Bezares and members of numerous neighborhood assemblies of the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs. Among many others, Nora Baggio from the Plenary of Retired Workers; Ana Valverde from UTJEL; Alicia Navarro Palacios, retired PTS teacher; Ana Valverde from UTJEL (IS); Fernando Saccarelo from Jubiladxs de Izquierda/MST; They also spoke.

Nestor Pitrolla of the Partido Obrero, Vilma Ripoll of the MST; Juan Carlos Giordano of Izquierda Socialista, were also present.

Nicolás del Caño, one of the hosts of the meeting, pointed out that “we call on organizations of retirees who have been mobilizing every Wednesday in front of the National Congress to demand the recomposition of their assets, who participated in the mobilizations against the Omnibus Law and who today are on alert for the repeal of the retirement moratorium law proposed by Javier Milei in the new bases bill. These retiree organizations have been growing and mobilizing permanently to denounce that pensions are not enough, that they do not cover the basic basket they need to live, that those who rent no longer have more resources and that medicines are increasingly more expensive and inaccessible to them. ”.

Representative Myriam Bregman also highlighted that “as expected, this day was dominated by the anger caused by the fact that while we are here discussing hunger retirements, a new diet is known every day. That of the senators, that of the political officials, like the management of YPF that was awarded salaries of 70 million, or that of Manuel Adorni, a useless and useless presidential spokesperson who all he does is attack the press, he does not know how to answer one question, he increases his salary and places his brother in the State. It is scandalous that for retirees they say there is no money but in the Government they change rank like a pair of socks to be able to earn even more. And on top of that they said that they came to fight the caste.”

In the hearing, which was called by the deputies of the Left Front Unidad Nicolás del Caño bloc, Romina del Plá, Myriam Bregman, Christian Castillo and Alejandro Vilca, José Luis Espert was also asked to convene the Budget Commission “so that it immediately deals with the opinions issued by the Social Security Commission and thus can bring the minimum retirement to the basic basket of a retiree as proposed by the opinion of the Left Front, immediately restoring the assets that today are destitute. Retirees cannot wait any longer,” concluded Deputy Vilca.


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