In accordance with the resolution signed by the presidencies of the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, represented respectively by Martín Menem and Victoria Villarruel, the government of La Libertad Avanza ordered an increase of 30% between January and February for legislators and authorities of the National Congress.

“The (silent) increase in the allowances of deputies and senators demonstrates once again that That ‘the adjustment is paid by the caste’ was always a verse. “That every political official earn the same as a teacher, as we propose from the @Fte_Izquierda,” the deputy replied in Nicolás del Caño, author of the bill that proposes the Equalization of allowances and salaries of legislators and political officials with the teacher salary.

The resolution of the presidencies of both Chambers comes on the eve of the meeting called by Javier Milei together with the governors, to discuss the so-called “Pact of May 25”, within the framework of the debate on the constitutionality of the mega DNU 70/2023 and of the attempts to bring the Omnibus Law back to the premises. As Del Caño denounces, it is caste being caste. A mockery of Javier Milei’s government that, meanwhile, adjusts those who have the least and leaves the majority of workers in poverty.

What the left proposes

He project whom Del Caño mentions was presented five consecutive timeswithout any management agreeing to bring it to the debate at the venue.

Among other questions, it raises “equalize the total amount of per diems and/or salaries received by national legislators and all political officials of the Executive and Legislative powers of the Nation with the salary received monthly by a teacher who works 36 hours as a professor, with 20 years of seniority, in the province of Buenos Aires, or the equivalent of two initial teaching salaries in the same province.”

Furthermore, he maintains that national legislators and political officials “will only be able to perceive increases in their diets and/or assets at the same time and in the same proportion to the increases recorded in the salaries received by a teacher” and invites “all provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to adhere to this national law, equalizing the allowances and/or salaries of their legislators and political officials” .

However, as Del Caño denounces, At this point there seems to be no gray area: only the Left Front proposes that the salary of a parliamentarian or any official be equivalent to that of a teacher, a nurse or an average worker..

“This is what we PTS-FIT deputies do,” says Del Caño, and highlights that we “We earn like a teacher and we contribute the rest of the diet to fighting funds and different causes.. On the other hand, those who increase their allowances by 30% are the same ones who vote to adjust retirees and workers who earn pittance; the same ones that adjust those who have the least to continue paying a fraudulent debt to the IMF; the same ones who seek to preserve the privileges of a political caste that is dedicated to managing the interests of the big capitalists. It’s outrageous and shows the abyss that exists between this privileged caste and the working and popular majorities“.


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