With a message recorded in the Patio de las Palmeras of the Casa Rosada, the president who ends his formal mandate this December 10 said goodbye on the national network, taking stock of his administration. The video, which lasts 32 minutes, was another example of the strong disconnection from the president with the reality that the majority of the population lives, hit by the crisis and the adjustment that this government has been carrying out.

After taking office in 2019 with the mandate to rebuild the purchasing power of salaries and pensions that was lost during the Macri administration and to question the illegal and illegitimate debt that the previous government took on with the International Monetary Fund, The electoral scam of the Frente de Todos was so evident that its government ended with high levels of rejection, a tough electoral defeat in the runoff and indifference towards a president who stopped exercising his role for more than a year to leave the royal command to Sergio Massa. Despite that, in his message Fernández dedicated himself to explaining in detail what he considers “achievements” of his management and the difficulties that he had to face. “We faced everything. I seek to highlight the difficulties we had to face, not as excuses to avoid our mistakes,” he said.

In a message that already sounds repeated from so many times that it has been heard, he dedicated himself to reviewing the conditions by which his mandate was marked, such as the pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine and the effects of this year’s drought that affected seriously the country’s exports. He also made reference to the brutal debt he received from the Macri government with the IMF, but omitted to say that since he came to power he forgot his promises to investigate the credit and his objections when he was an opponent, to submit to all the designs and orders. of the international organization.

“We know that we did not achieve the objectives we set for ourselves in strengthening income, fighting inflation and reducing poverty. Because the circumstances and the context were not with us and also because we should have done it better or differently. I assumed the government in December 2019 in a dire situation, with very high rates of poverty and inflation and a debt that compromised us for generations. I am fully aware that the popular vote at that time expressed the hope of putting an end to that inheritance once and for all and that we did not fully achieve the goal“, admitted the head of state.

The recognition of the outgoing president remains more than halfway, taking into account that He leaves with poverty and inflation numbers that are higher than when he took office and a debt with the IMF that was renegotiated without question and at the request of the Monetary Fund.. The current adjustment, the cuts in social spending and particularly retirements and pensions could not be explained if it were not because the government meekly accepted to administer that roadmap, in order to obtain greater resources to allocate them to debt payments.

Despite that, Fernández pointed out that the next government will find “a more federal, fairer, more powerful country, with enormous possibilities of advancing on the path marked.” He highlighted works such as the Néstor Kirchner Gasduct and the economic possibilities of deepening the extractive model with “agricultural and livestock exports, gas and lithium that will total US$35 billion for next year.”

Trying to separate himself from the adjustment perspective proposed by Javier Milei, which seeks to further deepen the adjustment that is already underway, he pointed out: “With such a scenario it is not reasonable to think of an adjustment that stops our production and restricts employment and consumption that so much “It has been difficult for us to recover. We must take care that under the argument of wanting to solve the fiscal problem, the rights of those who work are not violated nor the aspirations of those who invest and produce are frustrated.”

Fernández retires with the rejection of millions and the indifference of his own, who during the last year isolated him and relegated him to a secondary role, while Massa took charge of the government. His retirement to Spain as a professor, teaching at a University in Madrid, is the final example of that inconsequentiality with which he retires. A president who arrived promising that they would start “at the bottom” and that they would choose “the retirees over the banks”, but who in four years dedicated himself to managing the adjustment and the monumental scam of Macri’s debt. A government that recoiled from every step against the concentrated sectors of the economyas Vicentín first showed and then confirmed by giving in to the agro-exporters, the automobile companies, the mining companies and many others, giving away tax benefits to the always powerful while inflation got out of control and poverty increased.

These 4 years will be remembered for the partnership between Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner and Massa, which arrived supported by the enthusiasm of millions who sought to get rid of Macrism and who the ground has been paved for the liberal extreme right to grow like never beforeon the discredit of the great coalitions, and Milei arrives at the Casa Rosada.

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