The deputy was interviewed on C5N. “Either we are strongly in the streets the day the Base Law is discussed, all the struggles that exist begin to unite, the CGT and the CTAs stop calling for one activity per month, or Milei continues to advance,” she said.

  • Everything that is said about business tourism and the president seems to me to be a terrible shame. I remember when they called Macri “relaxer,” they made jokes, but Milei ran her campaign speaking against caste, luxuries and privileges. He promised to end all that, and now I see a president who repeats the worst of caste. Plus, it seems like he’s running away from reality. Last week he entertained us with a discussion with Spain, but it didn’t go well, he met with a minor party and didn’t have much of an audience. This also happened in Córdoba, where people shouted “plebiscite” and it seemed like an armed script.
  • I find it regrettable to see a president so disconnected from a catastrophic reality. When we hear Milei say that if people didn’t make ends meet, they would starve, it shows a complete disconnect. That response is hurtful in real life. Retirees ask their children for help, they go into credit card debt, and young people leave their studies because they cannot pay rent. People’s lives are deteriorating rapidly, and the president is responding so flippantly. The teachers in Misiones say that the kids come to school hungry, and in the suburbs it is worse. To this we must add that they do not deliver the food to the canteens.
  • Patricia Bullrich attacks social organizations, it is part of the plan that they want to carry out together with Sturzenegger and a whole group of officials that has been sinking this country for many years. The government attacks the most vulnerable sectors, many of whom voted for it. They stigmatize and criminalize these sectors to justify their actions. They are not delivering the food to the canteens under the excuse that the canteens are not working. Well, give it to the ones that work. You have people who are not left-wing, like Margarita Barriento undoubtedly, who says I can’t get the food. So why don’t they hand over those who have nothing to do with the left, well that shows that the accusation they make is a lie. They want to stigmatize those sectors that are in the neighborhoods that are the ones that have contact with that reality.
  • In the Bases law and the fiscal package they eliminate the social monotax, with which many subsisted and had access to a minimum retirement. The attack is combined: they stop delivering food and remove any minimum formality such as the social monotax and do not allow cooperatives to be formed. The sectors that are in those neighborhoods that organize and mobilize them are criminalized and attacked, so they believe that with that they will stop any claims, but they are sinking millions into the most extreme poverty. So, how long can Patricia Bullrich entertain you with her complaints with their armed causes? I believe that she has a very big limit because social reality is not going to cover her with all those causes.
  • We must begin to coordinate all the struggles that exist, because there are a lot of struggles at this moment. Starting in Misiones, the tire workers march for layoffs, and there was a great meeting in the Plaza Congreso of social organizations, fighters and the left; and what is seen is a spirit and a willingness to fight it. But if you focus only on Congress, it’s pure nonsense in there, we couldn’t tear down the DNU, a shame. People ask you on the street how it could be, not even tearing it down, why they didn’t treat it to the DNU. I have no explanation, I always say: the five deputies from the left are there, five more are missing, with five more we call a special session and we put it into treatment. How can it be that the Bases law passed? We have been discussing the issue of the university budget for days and days. Then I see the political coalitions practically exploded: the PRO not to mention, the Peronism coiled in an infinite number of internal ones that seem to put the resolution of their candidates for two or four years from now before the hunger that is now. The truth is that in there I don’t see that such a problem can be solved, here what is needed is to coordinate the struggles, fight it in the street and there you will see how the ducks are organized within Congress.
  • We need to coordinate the struggles and fight in the streets, because there no one can be distracted. In the Senate, they are killing each other, but there are issues that they do not address: the pension moratorium, the money laundering that calls for drug trafficking, and the labor reform that eliminates rights. It is a generalized attack, and the only response is to be on the streets and unite all the struggles. We have to be strongly in the streets the day the Bases law is discussed in the Senate, begin to unite all the struggles and fights that exist, the CGT and the CTA have to stop calling for one activity per month, while Milei continues going forward. Otherwise the truth is that we are going to a very critical situation.
  • The adjustment is evident: the roads are not repaired, and accidents increase. The adjustment not only affects services, but also human lives. Every worker who organizes shows that there are alternatives. Justice is beginning to agree with these alternative models. The dismantling of the State is tragic and must be faced now. We cannot expect magical solutions for the future while the present falls apart.
  • Speaking of fights and tickets, moments ago a precautionary measure was issued to stop the increase in the subway. We had obtained a precautionary measure and, in the interim, the government took the opportunity to increase rates. We warned that the precautionary and substantive issue was missing. The caution that just came out shows that they cannot justify how they calculate the rate. So, the Buenos Aires government is going to have to back down. First, the Buenos Aires government has to demonstrate how it calculates the technical rate, something it could no longer do. It is unusual: the cell phone expenses of the company managers are charged to you. Who can do that? What I spend on my cell phone should not be included in the rate of a public service. Other times we have discovered that they charged dinners with champagne and those expenses were also calculated in the rate. What is happening in the City of Buenos Aires is a scandal.
  • Now, Judge Liberatori gives the government a few days, because people are not going to go tomorrow and pay less. This will be for Monday or Tuesday of next week. The government has to present a new rate adapted to a serious, fair and reasonable calculation. If you don’t, the fee will return to $125. And we are going to continue fighting to resolve the underlying issue, which is what we never achieved: to discover that these high rates have no rationality. There are alternative ways, there are alternative programs. In transportation, a rational program could be applied that integrates the subway, the bus system of the entire AMBA and the trains. We do not have to choose between subsidies that are wasted, that do not know where they end up, or high rates. The workers know how the money is managed and where it goes.
  • The university march on April 23 was incredible; on May 1, without going any further, and the strike on May 9 was forceful as had not been seen in a long time. Patricia Bullrich went to play around in Constitución with a SUBE, but what was seen behind her was that there was no one in Constitución. So, it seems to me that there is not a lack of will to fight, but rather that there is no serious call, starting with the union centers, to provide a response. Because, Gato, again, we also experienced it with Menemism: each one faced their privatization separately, and that’s how they all happened. What are we going to expect, that they privatize Aerolíneas Argentinas again, that they privatize the mail? It is very important to stop making all kinds of speculations and make the fight happen now. From the Left Front, we are clear about that, we do not make any type of speculation and they know that they can count on us in this situation we are going through.

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