After the network crossing with Villarruel, national representative Myriam Bregman was interviewed on C5N. “The civil-military dictatorship that she supports and her friends Videla, and others handed over the country, starting with the foreign debt,” she stated.

  • Speaking of moral authority Victoria Villarruel… I’m not just talking about the coup d’état of ’76, she supported the coup d’état in Bolivia, she went to visit the person who carried out the coup d’état. That she acts as the one who covers the moral authority bothers me a lot, that she acts as the one that defends the country and the nation bothers me a lot because the civil-military dictatorship that she supports and her friends Videla, Etchecolatz and others handed over the country, starting for the foreign debt, changing all Argentine legislation to completely subordinate it to the courts of the United States and London. That is to say, it was a criminal and murderous dictatorship that appropriated babies, but also that absolutely handed over the national heritage and began a privatization process that was later continued by another of its idols, Carlos Menem.
  • I can find two explanations for him wanting to take that position. One because she got angry because I said that they had to bring soldiers to fill out the act. I saw a lot of people there bowing to the fact that they had been put there to fill in because it seems to me that it is the second act that has failed. He failed on May 25 in Córdoba and now the one in Rosario fails. And another thing that many colleagues caught my attention is that she is very angry because she presented herself as a plaintiff in the Servini de Cubría case, with a letter asking that the phones be tapped, to see what each person was doing. one of those arrested 24 hours before, and we achieved the freedom of the majority, they left five people so as not to make a fool of themselves by saying that the entire case was a fully armed case at the Patricia Bullrich desk. They say that she is quite angry, that there is a discussion about the level of authoritarianism that she wants.
  • She wants to have an active role competing in the role of repressor with Patricia Bullrich, following Stornelli who has him completely tied up, because Stornelli is not a free prosecutor, he owes the PRO judicial panel and Patricia Bullrich herself for his impunity and his freedom. What can Stornelli decide if with a little call from Macrismo they tell him ‘look that you are free thanks to us’, ‘look that you are still a prosecutor thanks to our efforts, you have to go out and chase people’.
  • I think that discontent with the government is increasing, that in the beginning there was some of this anti-caste discourse that is beginning to be lost. I think there is a concern there because the Base Law is the true pact that they want, but there is a contradiction. It’s like if you pay for people to come to your birthday, you don’t pay the guests. He is paying them, he pays them with positions on the boards of Salto Grande, Yaciretá, he pays with embassies in Paris. It is scandalous! I believe that on Thursday, if the Base Law and the Fiscal Package are discussed in the Chamber of Deputies, whoever sits to provide a quorum is validating corruption. Before any treatment and any discussion. Here there is no free discussion that you can sit down and start debating. Here there are people who were bought, governors who evidently continue negotiating because today they returned. Some come from Peronism with a face completely made of cement, they sit there, although before they were Massa’s best friend, the other was national and popular, now they sit with Milei, they begin to manage some change and what must be below … You might think that what horrifies and scandalizes us is what we know publicly, but what else is there? How do they change their minds and suddenly start passing these laws?
  • The Neuquén senator’s vote is not valid. The vote of those from Entre Ríos, which on the day the law is being discussed appears in the Official Gazette that gave them positions in certain State entities, is not a valid vote. Have you seen the Federal justice that is so active in persecuting sometimes? Don’t you see that? They are not valid votes, they are votes that are invalid, there is an exchange of favors. And now in deputies who are all going to sit down to discuss or does this situation need to be clarified before the law advances? It seems serious to me. They will be complicit in corruption. This must be investigated. It cannot go unpunished because we are facing a Banelco Law. People like the Civic Coalition who always talk about corruption and have made that their political profile… are they going to sit down and validate the Senate agreements?
  • The unions have a serious complication because they want to restore profits. What they have agreed upon in the Senate evidently does not matter, so workers whose salary barely exceeds the poverty line are going to start paying profits again. Is the labor reform going to remain in force? The CGT was not in the square the other day. Aren’t you going to do anything? Is the entire labor legislation of Argentina going to be changed and they are not going to do anything? There is one week left to discuss this.
  • There is no fear because it was shown that it was all armed, there is care. You have to be careful because you are dealing with people who have a repressive policy. But not fear, fear is what they want to install. They are afraid. For me, Patricia Bullrich is the one who most expresses the government’s fear, because discontent is growing. That’s why the events don’t invite anyone, they don’t even go to the events to spy, because there are people who are curious but they no longer even invite the curious. They are afraid, we have to respond with care and organization, but we have to continue being on the streets. We must continue coordinating. I believe that the response we gave is historic, which was seen in the Serpaj meeting that we held last Friday, which we repeated on Monday and which was reflected in a presentation of signatures that we did this Tuesday with a delegation headed by Taty Almeida, where we signed from all political sectors, national and international signatures, Baltazar Garzón to Pedro Almodobar, something that such political expression has never been seen in our country. 65,000 signatures show that there is a need to express oneself, but what is needed is a unitary and massive call. Notice that all the mobilizations that were massive, March 24, April 23, the university one, and March 8 as well, Bullrich could not repress and they really were a turning point. It seems to me that that is what needs to be built.

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