The national representative and candidate for president of the Left was interviewed on C5N about the income tax. “We always propose that salary is not profit,” she recalled. And she explained why the Argentine tax regime is retrograde.

The deputy Myriam Bregman participated in the Juan Amorin program on the C5N channel, where the changes in the Income Tax of the fourth category. Below are some fragments of the interview with the candidate for president of the Unity Left Front.

  • “From the left we always propose that salary is not profit. We have projects presented to eliminate the fourth category income tax.”
  • “Last year there was an attempt to move in the opposite direction. With the excuse of wanting to charge the judges, which is very good for civil servants to pay like anyone else, An attempt was made to advance against the judicial workers and we opposed“.
  • “It is evident that there is a electoral use of the measure. He is a candidate who is also a minister, and he is trying to overcome the place he was left in after the PASO elections.
  • Regarding the right-wing opposition’s position on the measure, Bregman said: “These are barbaric pancakes! Patricia Bullrich has a contradiction, because they were already in government with Mauricio Macri and on that occasion they did not remove the tax either. “I know workers who voted for Macri in 2015 because he was supposedly going to remove the income tax and finally doubled it.”
  • “He income tax it does not make any sense. Overall Argentina’s tax regime is very retrograde, where those who have the least are the ones who pay the most. In our country we are used to seeing soybean farmers cry, the most concentrated sectors of the economy… Here everyone cries. But when you start to study the tax system it is totally regressive.”
  • “To pay profits in Argentina is not easy, They are workers who leave their lives. They work 10 or 12 hours, from Monday to Monday, they stop seeing their children. It is not easy to enter that level of income.. Sometimes they are the only person who works in the family, because they make such an effort, because the rest earn much less or do not have a registered job or are directly unemployed. If they charge the worker profits, they retain it, you cannot escape…
  • “If you have a small business they charge you for everything. You have to pay municipal charges. You have to pay the fees. You have to pay gross income. You can’t escape there.”
  • “Y The big winners, the big companies, take 5 points of the GDP per year through tax exemptions.. But who do you hear campaigns against? Against the social assistance that represents 0.4″.

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