After Mile’s victory, those who speculate on the people’s hunger once again took advantage of the opportunity to raise prices without stopping. It is clear that programs such as Care Prices or Fair Prices were incapable of stopping inflation and that the new Government wants to move towards a scheme without any type of brake. The transition of those above is suffered by those below. We must prepare to face the deepening adjustment that is coming.

The transition from those above is suffered by those below and plunges the working and popular majorities ever deeper into misery.

The first business day after Milei’s triumph, lThe usual highlighters and speculators did their thing once again and sent price lists to shops and supermarkets with sharp increasesSpecially in foods.

Milei has already announced that a major adjustment is coming: high inflation, uncontrolled price marking, privatizations and layoffs.

These days, workers from different sectors and also members of social organizations are in a state of alert and mobilization.

We must begin to organize the resistance. I followed by The Daily Left all the news about what is happening and leave us your complaint.

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