The president during the campaign said that the caste was going to pay for the adjustment but that is a lie. Beyond the brutal adjustment that he has already launched, you are paying for it with price increases, especially for food. He says that “there is no money” and for this reason he has no alternative. But there is money, it is left to a few like the food entrepreneurs who had record profits based on price increases that exceeded 200% in one year.

Milei says there is no money and that is why he launches a brutal adjustment. But is there money or do a few keep it?

Let’s look at the profits of three of the largest food companies in 2023.

Arcor: I earned more than 35 billion pesos. Their products increased more than 200% in one year.

Molinos Río de la Plata: more than 20 billion profits. Their products, such as weed, rose more than 150% in one year.

Ledesma: earned more than 13 billion pesos. Sugar rose more than 200%.

We are already paying for the adjustment with criminal price markups.

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