The measure started at 7 AM at the Lacroze station on line B and was called by the assembly of United for Culture, student centers, SUBTE workers, cultural sectors and neighborhood assemblies, who called to organize to make two “pinwheels” this Friday. They were joined by laid-off workers from GPS, the main outsourced company of Aerolíneas Argentinas, and workers from Telam. In the afternoon at 5:00 p.m. they moved to Station Once on Line A.

Passengers pass free of charge as a form of protest at the call of workers, assembly members and students. It can be said that it is becoming a national sport. Traveling is becoming a luxury, it is one of the aspects of the Milei government’s blending plan, which in the City of Buenos Aires is carried out by Jorge Macri, which promotes a 505% increase in the subway. “There is no explanation for the subway increasing above inflation, other than enriching companies even more, the caste thing was a verse”denounced Claudio Dellecarbonara, minority member of the AGTSyP secretariat.

In the afternoon, the public hearing that Jorge Macri had to call by law to legalize the subway increase was suspended. A hearing that is not binding, for which the tariff will begin to be applied by decision of the Head of Government, but when it was suspended, it voided the increase that started in the month of April and they must reconvene it, delaying the entire plan by one month.

“This increase does not correspond to the service provided, because there is no maintenance and we continue to suffer from carcinogenic asbestos. This rate is part of a global plan against workers, which is why it is necessary to confront it with a national strike. We have already turned the tables. “Omnibus law, the DNU is shaky but we must stop Milei’s chainsaw and blender plan. United we have the strength” declared Claudio Dellecarbonara this morning.

“It becomes impossible to travel to go to study, with a ticket that is going to cost 800 pesos. Imagine a kid who works precariously in a call center. He must choose to eat or travel. That is why we promote the need for an Educational Ticket. The unit “What we achieved in this whirlwind is what we need to stop Milei and Macri’s hand.”declared Lourdes Oliverio from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA declared in the afternoon at the Once station.

In addition, there were dozens of neighborhood assemblies that voted for this action in unity that, together with Unidxs x la Cultura, gathered yesterday Thursday in front of the Goumont in defense of national cinema and the INCAA. Also joining were workers fired from GPS, the main outsourced company of Aerolíneas Argentinas, who began to organize for their reinstatement and are on the path to seeking coordination of the struggles. Telam workers fighting against the closure of the news agency were part of the delegation.

In the afternoon they were accompanied by the Left Front Legislator Alejandrina Barry, who was part of the suspended public hearing. “The PUBLIC HEARING was suspended to discuss the subway fare with a $505.6 increase, because the City Government did not guarantee the connection to YouTube. Macri cannot guarantee even a connection through YouTube and intends to analyze the cost of the subway network”.

The passengers gave their word before the microphones of La Izquierda Diario. Fighting makes sense and is seen better day by day by the majority.

A large number of media outlets were present to cover the protest, Claudio Dellecarbonara took the lead, as in C5N.


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