The report of the Provincial Memory Commission addressed to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, warns about the seriousness of the repressive events recorded in the last days of mobilization during the treatment of the Omnibus Law in Congress.

The Provincial Memory Commission, a recognized independent public human rights body in the province of Buenos Aires, makes available to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menem, a report that gives an account of the balance of repression within the framework of the treatment parliamentarian of the Omnibus Law.

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The organization proposes public policies on memory and human rights and as a local mechanism for the prevention of Torture – as established by national law No. 26,827, which creates the National System for the Prevention of Torture. The aforementioned report shows a balance of no less than 285 victims of injuries of different severity, among which 35 journalists and social communicators stand out.

Provincial Commission Report for Memory: more than 285 injured in the Bullrich repression by La Izquierda Diario on Scribd

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