This Friday the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA was shocked by the meeting with Myriam Bregman y Christian Castillo, representatives of the PTS and national deputies for the Unity Left Front. Room 218 on the second floor was filled at 6:00 p.m., and due to the large attendance it spread throughout the hallways where the students also followed the talk. The meeting was called by the group In Red Key (PTS + Independents) from that faculty, and was also broadcast live on the YouTube channel of La Izquierda Diario.

The meeting began with the words of fired workers from GPS, outsourced to Aerolíneas Argentina, who gave their work vests to Myriam and Christian.

Luca Bonfante from En Clave Roja (PTS + Independientes), introduced the guests and said that the faculty assembly this Wednesday resolved to continue the fight in defense of public education with the slogan “without workers and without teachers there is no university. Up with the budget, down with Milei’s entire plan. “No to the law bases.”

Myriam Bregman He spoke of the youth movement that is developing around the world against the genocide of the state of Israel on the Palestinian people, stating that “true brotherhood is from below, with the people of the world.” And that this movement, which is growing in several countries, may be the key to “fighting for the cancellation of foreign debts, uniting all the countries that are suffering from these debts.”

Bregman raised a controversy with the “totally deregulated capitalism” that Milei proposes, and with Peronism that proposes “a capitalism with more regulation.” What does it mean? “Can the RIGI be there, that they can deliver all the common goods but leave us a little more taxes?” He said. “We have to end this endless cycle of decay. A right-wing government is coming that adjusts, it is terrible like Macri’s. After a Peronist one like the Frente de Todos that tells you we came back better, we are going to fill the refrigerator. They disenchant and a worse right-wing government comes.”

“If there is discouragement, it is because they were passive all this time, saying that the solution came only from above (…) We have to do like the Cordobazo, which emerged 3 years after the Onganía dictatorship began, an independent action that does not depend on the leaders. How can you be discouraged, we have everything to win. This fight is not for the future, from now on we have to fight, we invite you to join us, to organize. In this way we will be able to have the necessary tools not only to mortally wound a government or a dictatorship as the Cordobazo did, but so that this time we really take the sky by storm and the workers govern.

Both reviewed several points of the content of the basic law that now wants to be approved in the Senate, and called for preparing a “large active strike of 36 hours so that everyone can mobilize and stop the country.”

Christian Castillo He focused on the general strike of May 9, which showed the potential of the working class, which creates social wealth and that without it nothing works. If Peronism and the CGT call for strikes “as a pressure factor,” for us it is about the working class assuming its strength, which has power because “the day it is aware of that there will be nothing left of the capitalist system.” ”.

He appealed to “be aware of the historical crossroads” in a world with crises and warlike tendencies, which “is not prosperous and peaceful as Milei says.” “Today the world is much more unequal than the time of the Cordobazo, of the French May, and that generation wanted to transform the world. We are betting that a new generation will emerge that thinks of itself as anti-capitalist militants to transform the world.”


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