The Confederal Central Committee (CCC) of the CGT meets this Thursday at the Azopardo headquarters. It does so in the midst of a strong social and economic crisis, but in addition to a battery of advertisements by Javier Milei that hit working people.

In these weeks the government has taken forceful measures: a looting of salaries with the “caputazo”, a blow to the right to protest with the “Bullrich protocol”, a DNU that annuls hundreds of rights and now an Omnibus Law with its own definitions of a monarchy

Businessmen have also taken forceful measures: price increases that are emptying the refrigerator and even the table of millions and the imminent tariffs that will further cut pockets.

The CGT, on the other hand, has limited itself to meetings and statements. The only measure he took was the concentration this Wednesday in Courts, which he sought to limit in every possible way. The result was already decreed by the Judiciary, which rejected the protection.

Instead of holding meetings in the workplace so that anger could be expressed and discuss how to confront the right’s war plan, it was limited to a series of internal meetings. From the “small table”, from the Board of Directors and now from the Confederal Committee.

According to CGT spokespersons to various media, “the idea of ​​the majority of leaders and organizations is to approve the implementation of a gradual fight plan in which the call for a strike would be ruled out for the moment” (Télam). They clarify that “the CGT will monitor the social climate during January and will probably analyze calling a strike for February.”

If they want to monitor the “social climate” they would have to call for democratic deliberation of the working class. It is easy to see that the “climate” does not stop getting warmer in recent weeks. Even among those who voted for Milei out of disillusionment with the Peronist governments.

It is not ruled out that this Thursday the headquarters will announce a “fight plan” and even “a measure of force in February” although without setting a date. It’s not enough. Even if the date of the general strike was not next week, measures could be called to prepare this action so that it is active and forceful and not a Sunday strike. From assemblies to mobilizations and plenary sessions, in common with social organizations and those who promote the cacerolazos.

But the CGT seems to be thinking of its actions as a leg of the parliamentary thread and direct negotiation with Milei and the businessmen; not as the way to deploy all the power of the working class and overturn Milei’s anti-popular package.

In the mobilization to Courts there was another issue. The left, combative unionism and picketing organizations demanded an active national strike and a plan of struggle. The chant of “strike, strike, strike, general strike” caught on even in sectors of the contained call of the CGT and the CTA. That is the way.

If the Confederal this afternoon confirms that strategy, we must strengthen the independent pole with the participation of sectors in struggle, the cacerolazos and all those who want to organize the resistance. The right wants the silent slavery of millions. Not pass.


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