This March 24 will not be another anniversary of the coup. Hundreds of thousands will mobilize in squares across the country against a government that is openly denying the genocide perpetrated by the Armed Forces, a government that justifies crimes against humanity and that manages for the same capitalist interests that promoted that coup in 1976.

In this context, from the Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting (EMVJ), a space independent of all governments against impunity and repression of yesterday and today, we proposed in February that this 24th there would be “one square and two documents.” Here Alejandrina Barry explained why it is necessary that the tens of thousands who are going to gather in the Plaza on the 24th should also be able to listen to the EMVJ document. Finally, all sectors agreed that there will be two events in the Plaza de Mayo, as has been happening for almost 20 years.

A separation “due to details”?

It is evident that the greatest possible unity is necessary to defeat the entire plan of the Milei government and the IMF. The 24th is a great occasion to strike together in the streets, defying the repressive protocol of Bullrich and shouting loudly “There are 30,000, it was genocide!”

But the opposition to the denialist government that has declared a war on the working people cannot be merely declamatory, but must have a course in the streets with measures such as an active national strike on the way to preparing the general strike that defeats Milei. and their bosses of the big bourgeoisie. And if this has not yet happened, it is not because there is no willingness to fight between the workers and the popular sectors who are victims of the violent chainsaw/blender plan. As demonstrated in the national strike on January 24 and in the numerous struggles that exist by union (teachers, railway workers, aeronautical workers, health workers, bus drivers, etc.).

The bureaucratic directives of the CGT and the CTA are responsible for giving the government precious time to continue its attack. The DNU remains in force as long as the Chamber of Deputies does not reject it. What did the CGT do to turn it around? Absolutely nothing.

The EMVJ is going to march to the Plaza demanding an active national strike to, first of all, tear down the DNU. The “historical” organizations influenced by Peronism refused to allow this proposal to be made in the Plaza, and they are going to march indifferently alongside the leaders responsible for this criminal truce (see here).

To maintain that “unity” is to mix flags in an undifferentiated manner with those who defended the Massa adjustment and are about to continue honoring in one way or another the illegitimate and fraudulent foreign debt, we believe is wrong. Not criticizing the governors who bid with Milei for the distribution of the remains left by the IMF, clamor for a slave labor reform and want to deepen the plundering of natural common goods, is to support a change in forms, but with the same content. anti-national and anti-popular. This week Kicillof himself put vehicles and supplies at the service of the Santa Fe militarization plan directed by Patricia Bullrich, a plan that is part of reinserting the Armed Forces for internal repression. Can’t that be mentioned in a document? We do not agree.

On the 24th there will be two events not because of “details”, but because of a substantial difference between those who refuse to criticize those who give Milei and his clique “time” to continue causing irreparable damage to the people’s standard of living. speculating with the elections of 2025 and 2027, and those of us who maintain that they must be denounced, we must not give any truce to Milei and prepare the general strike to defeat him.

On the 24th everyone to the Plaza

At the meeting of all the organizations it was resolved that at 2:30 p.m. the document of the “historical” organizations will be read and at 4:30 p.m. that of the EMVJ, whose independent column will start from 9 de Julio and Avenida de Mayo from 2 p.m.

This 24th let’s take part in a historic and massive march that will begin to shake the powerful people who organized the genocide and continue to dominate Argentina today.

In tribute to the 30,000 detained and disappeared comrades. Below is Patricia Bullrich’s protocol. Active strike now and plan to fight until defeating the DNU and the entire Milei plan, the large economic groups and the IMF. For the triumph of the workers of GPS, Télam, INCAA, Ministry of Culture, Secretariat of Human Rights, sites of Memory. No to the adjustment of the governors. No to payment of the debt, break with the IMF. We do not forget, we do not forgive, we do not reconcile. Common, perpetual and effective prison for all genocidaires. Restitution of the identity of all appropriate girls and boys. Opening of the archives from ’74 to ’83. No to the militarization of Rosario.


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