17 hours after the arrests of Héctor Adolfo Ganzo and Ulises Nicolás Fernández, not only do they continue to be deprived of their liberty, but the hearing that could rule on their release has not even been scheduled.

Last Wednesday, just beginning the mobilization that took place in Plaza de Mayo against Milei’s adjustment and Bullrich’s repressive threats, Héctor Adolfo Ganzo and Ulises Nicolás Fernández were arrested within the framework of an operation that militarized the entire City of Buenos Aires and that it reached the height of carrying out “searches” on buses to try to arrest people who were going to the demonstration.

After 17 hours since the arrest of both, the hearing that could determine their release was not even arranged. Since they have no criminal record, there is no reason for them to continue being detained. The arrest and delay add to the campaign of persecution of social protest unleashed by the national government and Patricia Bullrich. It is necessary to demand his immediate release now.

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Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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