From the Left Unity Front, social organizations and neighborhood assemblies call this Thursday to repudiate the vote promoted by the Government in the Chamber of Deputies. Starting at 3 p.m. they will be present to denounce the regressive nature of the package of laws (including the tax package): the benefits for large businessmen such as RIGI, money laundering and the lowering of the personal property tax; at the cost of increasing labor flexibility and re-imposing the income tax for wage earners.

On Tuesday, the plenary session of committees of the Chamber of Deputies met to prepare the text that will finally reach the chamber to achieve the final sanction of the basic law and the fiscal package. The session will be this Thursday the 27th and from the Frente de Izquierda Unidad, social organizations and neighborhood assemblies call to repudiate the vote from 3 p.m. in front of Congress. In addition, they will continue to demand the freedom of the 5 detained for demonstrating on June 12 and the closure of the cases open to all those who were charged as a result of the repressive show mounted by Patricia Bullrich.

The FIT-U deputy, Nicolas del Caño, in the commission that debated the treatment of the Bases Law in Deputies stated: “We are going to reject and propose the nullity, that all the deputies who do not want to endorse this corrupt law that comes of the Senate, and all the grievances against the majorities and the working people, who do not provide a quorum for this session and ask for annulment as we do from the Left Front.” From the streets you will hear the demand to tear down a law that only has privileges for concentrated capital and takes away rights from the great majorities. The mobilization will be a new demonstration against the Government’s plans that can only be defeated with a plan of struggle that includes national strikes, a measure that the union centers have been refusing to call.

Although the Milei government intended to insist on the original text voted by the Chamber of Deputies of both the Bases law and the fiscal package, it did not obtain the votes and had to settle for putting to a vote the restitution of the income tax for employees and the reduction of personal assets for the richest. It was the agreement reached with the collaborationist blocks of the PRO, UCR, We Make the Federal Coalition, the Federal Innovation and the Civic Coalition, accompanied by governors from all over the country, including the Peronist Jalil of Catamarca.

In the law, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Correo Argentino and Radio y Televisión Argentina will be excluded from the public companies to be privatized. But another 8 companies may be privatized (Nucleoelectrica and Yacimientos Carboniferos Rio Turbio, Energía Argentina, Intercargo, AySA, Belgrano Cargas, Sociedad Operadora Ferroviaria y Corredores Viales). The elimination of the retirement moratorium that was withdrawn in the Senate session will also be left out. There are other modifications that would also be accepted, such as the Large Investment Incentive Regime (RIGI) and the additions to the labor reform that remove more rights.

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