During the closing ceremony of the Latam Economic Forum, which took place in Parque Norte, the president was proud of the adjustments and cuts that his government has been carrying out and boasted of having fired 25 thousand state workers. Furthermore, he warned that he will continue to deepen this same path until leaving 50 thousand more employees who are part of the national public sector without jobs. “Obviously we are laying off people. In terms of contracts we are going to end up laying off 75 thousand people, we already have 25 thousand,” he assured.

Milei’s statements were accompanied by the announcement that he would veto the bill that proposes a meager 8% recomposition of retirement benefits. A perfect summary of the fact that the “chainsaw” that he promised during the campaign did not point against caste but rather the opposite and that it has been proven in the catastrophic poverty figures, the drop in consumption, the fall in economic activity and the rise in the unemployment as one of its main consequences.

On several previous occasions Milei had made it clear that his plan includes the dismissal of thousands of people who work in the National State agencies, but the serious thing is that with the sanction of the Bases Law he would have the powers of a monarch to carry it out.

Mercy, he rey

The sanction of the Bases Law, which will be discussed in the Senate of the Nation next Wednesday, June 12, would imply a much greater attack than the one already underway against the workers and the popular sectors. ORa reactionary reform that aims to transform the country based on the economic interests of large business groups and international financial capitalwho use Milei as a puppet to impose their objectives.

In the case of public employment, the project (which already has half a sanction in Deputies) It would allow the president to make thousands of employees available and then fire them, even regardless of whether they are part of the permanent staff of the State. For that, only his signature would be enough.

The text of the Base Law ensures that those affected “by the restructuring measures”, that is, closures of public organizations or cuts in functions, “will remain available for a maximum period of up to twelve (12) months.” After that time, “you will automatically be separated from the National Public Administration.”

This modification of the Framework Law that regulates national public employment is complemented by article 3 of the Base Law that allows the president modify or delete powers and functions; reorganize, modify or transform the legal structure; and dissolve completely or partially the bodies and organizations that it considers necessary, with the exception of the Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, Legislative Branch, Public Ministry and all entities that depend on them. According to official data released by Indec at the beginning of this year, the National Public Administration has a staff of about 224 thousand employees, of which 188 thousand make up the permanent staff and the temporary staff of the State. If the Base Law is passed, any of them could be affected by this modification.

King Milei wants to be able to say goodbye with a single signature to those who every day face thousands of people in the National Hospitals, PAMI, Anses, Anmat and Incucai, to name just a few of them and who deal with sensitive health tasks. of millions of people.

Hand in hand with this enormous attack that would be enabled at the presidential whim, the “state reform” would also advance with privatizations of public companies that provide essential services such as trains and airlines, where thousands of employees would also see their jobs threatened.

Everyone to the streets

In the current context, granting superpowers to Milei to advance with her chainsaw against the workers is something inconceivable. However, the senators of the allied blocs were working throughout this time on the fine print of the project and thus achieving the agreements that would allow its approval. A rotten caste that, while increasing its diet to 8 million pesos per month, negotiates anti-popular reforms that, if imposed, will have very serious consequences for thousands of families.

That is why it is more necessary than ever not to trust in the thread and the negotiation that is woven with our backs to the people, but to start building a great call so that on Wednesday the 12th there will be thousands of us in front of Congress while the law is discussed. That the unions, the CGT and the CTA call for a national strike to guarantee massive participation that can make clear the enormous rejection that exists and fight for the Base Law to finally fall in its entirety, since no article favors the people. There are six days left until the day of treatment and it is urgent to put all our strength into this fight to achieve it.

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