With two weeks left until he formally assumes the presidency, Javier Milei traveled to the United States accompanied by part of his hard core for the next government. Among them are Luis “Toto” Caputo, who sounds like a probable Minister of Economy, and Nicolás Posse, his future Chief of Staff. He was also accompanied by his advisor Santiago Caputo, his sister Karina Milei and businessmen Eduardo Elsztain and Gerardo Werthein, one of the most powerful magnates in Argentina. The latter, according to different sources, could be the next Argentine ambassador to the United States. The US ambassador to our country, Marc Stanley, also accompanied the delegation.

Milei’s tour began with a visit to the tomb of the “Lubavicht Rebbe”, whom Milei thanked for his electoral victory, coinciding with Milei’s approach to the Jewish religion. Milei had been there before PASO. He is a religious character linked to anti-communism and libertarian ideas.

After this visit, the President-elect began lobbying different officials of the Democratic administration, to make clear his unconditional alignment with North American imperialism, while commenting on and seeking support for his government plan that includes an adjustment of shock on the great popular majorities.

On that trip, he had lunch in New York with Chris Dodd, former senator and Biden’s special envoy for Latin America, and with former president Bill Clinton who, according to different media reports, recommended that he “take the first weeks to carry out the measures.” most important policies”. The neoliberal Clinton takes the opportunity to push from the north for the rapid adjustment, which Milei himself has already been announcing.

As part of the tour of Milei and his entourage, it is confirmed that he will be received by Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor of the United States, as an important gesture of rapprochement with the North American government, which however maintains certain distances due to the declared good relations between Javier Milei and former President Donald Trump, who is seeking to compete for a second term in the elections that will take place in that country next year.

In turn, Milei is expected to have contacts with officials from the IMF, the North American Treasury and the World Bank. For his part, it was learned that Caputo held meetings with prominent Wall Street figures. Part of the speculation suggests that the future president would be seeking financing, that is, greater indebtedness for Argentina, either as part of a renegotiation with the Fund, new loans with other international organizations or private capital. The delegation was careful to deny that this was one of the purposes of the trip. Let us remember that “Toto” Caputo was one of the main people responsible for the debt contracted by the Macri government and the creator of the famous “hundred-year” bond, as part of mortgaging this and future generations.

While Milei and company walk through the northern country making their political and economic projection clear, thousands of state workers, public media workers and others are in a state of deliberation, preparing to face the adjustment that has been announced in advance by the government. next to take over.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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