This Wednesday, a new decree from President Javiero Milei was announced, 323/2024, which legalizes a promotion in the position of the current presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni, raising his rank to “Secretary of State.”

“By virtue of the particular nature of the tasks assigned to said Undersecretary, directly linked to the actions of the President of the Nation, it is advisable to assign its holder the rank and hierarchy of Secretary of State,” says the decree signed by Milei and the Chief of Staff Nicolás Posse.

Thus, for Adorni there is not only a change of step in the government hierarchy but this will be accompanied by an increase in his salary. Now the person in charge of explaining official measures to the press via fake news and unreliable “sources” such as social media bots will be paid no less than $5 million per month.

They said that they were coming to end the political “caste”, but not only are they very far from doing so, but every day their total belonging to that caste is demonstrated more. They already did it when with another decree Milei and his Cabinet increased salaries, already millionaires. The scandal became public and the President himself had to retreat in flip-flops, canceling that increase. The same thing happened in Congress by decision of Martín Menem and Victoria Villarruel (who also had to go back).

And not to mention Adorni, who managed to win over his own brother to a high position in the State. All of this in the midst of a brutal adjustment and budget cuts, which directly affect the income of the working class and the popular sectors, pensions, public health and education and other sensitive areas of the daily life of society. Policies that do nothing but benefit the same winners as always: national and multinational economic corporations and their State managers.

It is clear that the “caste” is not only not afraid of La Libertad Avanza, but also does not stop celebrating with each new measure of the Government. We must face them, in the streets and in every place of work and study, putting all popular forces at the service of fighting them until we defeat them.


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