And he is not just any Marxist, he is an orthodox Marxist. Editorial of “El Círculo Rojo”, a program on La Izquierda Diario that broadcasts on Thursdays from 10 p.m. to midnight on Radio Con Vos, 89.9.

  • Milei is a Marxist. The truth is that I deeply regret having to communicate this truth to those who adhered to the La Libertad Avanza project in general, but even more so to those who did so truly convinced of the ideas, of the principles and, if that exists, of the Javier Milei.
  • What’s more, Milei is not just any Marxist, he is an orthodox Marxist, a convinced Marxist, a person who follows to the letter one of the most representative axioms of that Marxism.
  • You will say, for example, the one who says that “the history of humanity is the history of class struggle”? Not exactly. A more sophisticated one: that “it is not the consciousness of man that determines his being, but, on the contrary, the social being that determines his consciousness”? It’s not that way either.
  • I am referring to that apothegm that says: “These are my principles, but if you don’t like them, I have others” and was pronounced by Groucho Marx, everyone’s Marxist, but essentially the preferred Marxist of this “new” Javier Milei.
  • Let’s look at some examples.
  • The issue of “caste”. Yes, we already know that it seems trite at this point in the game that the adjustment is not being paid for by “the caste”, but in recent days some facts have become known that are significant regarding this issue.
  • In the midst of the cuts, layoffs and emptying that are being carried out in various areas of the State, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, increased the budget for discretionary and additional expenses by 120% in the area under her charge. “There is no money”, but she doubles what she received in the first months of the year and from now on, it will exceed 40 million pesos per month.
  • In this framework, the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, was promoted to Secretary of State: according to the current salary scale, the salary of a Secretary of State was around 3.2 million pesos until now and with the inflationary adjustment , the salary would be around 4 million pesos.
  • There is more: on April 5, the YPF board proposed that at the next shareholders’ meeting on April 26 their salaries be almost quintupled. Let us remember that 51% of the company is in state hands and the rest is listed on the stock market, that is, it is in private hands. The directors of YPF would earn 70 million pesos per month. Who is listed as a director among many others?: Nicolás Posse, the chief of staff. Who is among the vice directors?: Guillermo Francos, the Minister of the Interior.
  • Well, the last scandal of this nature was the one carried out by the senators who voted this Thursday in favor of increasing their salaries. They earned $1.7 million out of pocket, from the floor, and will now earn at least $4 million. It was an express vote and it was not nominal, so that it is not known who voted against and who in favor. As if that were not enough, they added a bonus. Milei later tweeted and stated that this is how caste worked because at the time when he raised his own salary, he had to back down and said that the LLA bloc voted against it. However, Victoria Villarruel, her vice president, immediately came out to affirm that the increase was endorsed by the senators of “all” blocks.
  • Now, let’s get to the core of the economic program. Milei said a thousand times during the election campaign that she would cut off her arm before applying or increasing a tax. In fact, she voted in favor of removing the income tax from the fourth category, that is, the one applied to salaries. Well, now she sent a project to restore that tax with the idea of ​​sharing a part with the governors and using those funds as a bargaining chip with “the caste.”
  • Regarding salaries, Milei said that they were a “negotiation between private parties” and that the State had nothing to do there. He now promotes the ceiling on salaries by not homologating agreements or joint ventures that companies agreed upon with different unions.
  • With respect to prices in the economy in general, Milei always repeated the ultraliberal dogma that ensures that the market is responsible for regulating production, distribution, supply and demand. According to his ideological perspective, prices are always fair and businessmen should not be screwed because they were “social benefactors”, “heroes” he said in Davos.
  • Well, first he began to break this dogma by telling the food and beverage sector that the official devaluation of the dollar was going to remain around 2% monthly and that unleashed announcements of bimonthly and quarterly freezes by some. retailers. Later, the Government expressed its displeasure with the pricing or sales strategies based on 2×1 and the selective opening of imports. He also “suggested” lower rates of increases for gasoline prices and postponed increases in public services and, therefore, continuity of subsidies.
  • The last thing was an even more abrupt turn with the intervention in the prepaid medicine market with an official resolution to roll back prices to December because, especially in the middle and upper middle class (which has many “spokespersons” in the media of communication) a discomfort grew.
  • It is a resolution contrary to the DNU that the same Government ordered and that deregulated the prepaid medicine market, among other things, repealing decree 743 that established limits on increases in fees. That is why several companies in the sector or associations that represent them say that it is inapplicable and even judicializable based on the Government’s own decree.
  • In his defense, Claudio Belocopitt, the owner of Swiss Medical, told the truth: there are many other markets, such as prepaid medicine, that increased as much or more than them.
  • So the ultra-liberal Milei is guiltily applying a form of state dirigisme (the model that failed in the previous stage) with which he tries to avoid either losing control of the economy or having a crisis with part of his social base.
  • So, beyond the times of the economy, politics, or conflict, Milei is already suffering a defeat today that is probably the worst defeat for people like him: it is conceptual defeat. He begins to reveal (to the general public) that he is not what he said he was.
  • Be careful, in any of the works that can be read about these rights at an international level, they all highlight the question of authenticity as part of their rhetorical resources. In the face of so much double discourse in politics, they knew how to sell themselves as “the authentic”, the “genuine” (the famous “inconvenient truth” in the face of the “comfortable lie”), that is what they are putting at stake (and I would say losing). today with this economic orientation.
  • Groucho Marx also said: “Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them, making a false diagnosis and then applying the wrong remedies.” On that point, Milei is also a Marxist.

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