On this Saturday afternoon, the scandal broke out when it became known that President Javier Milei increased his salary by 48% in one fell swoop. Thus he began to earn more than 6 million pesos per month. The measure had been signed by Milei himself on February 28. However, the President decided to ignore it and accused the Government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of responsibility for a certain mechanism that would regulate the increase in the salaries of senior government officials. However, his signature on decree 206/24 makes it clear that the decision was the full responsibility of the same President who repeats over and over again that “there is no money” to accommodate retirees, workers or even cut the daily food that arrives. to the dining rooms and where many people receive their only daily plate of food. This news is a very hard blow to the narrative against “caste” with which the President campaigned throughout the year and which he continues to use to justify different measures. Meanwhile, he decides by hand his “parity” as a millionaire.

In a country where poverty reaches 60% of the population and indigence figures rise, the President finally had to back down after learning of the scandalous measure and now announced that the increases will be rolled back. However, Javier Milei will continue to earn no less than 4 million pesos. His ministers, even without the increase, will also continue to earn million-dollar salaries that are far from those of the vast majority of the population. Without going any further, the minimum wage at this time is $202,800. That is to say, the President earns almost twenty minimum salaries, no less. “The adjustment is the others,” the libertarian cast could say, while the elderly have to choose between buying food or their medication.

The Left Front has been fighting for years, with 5 consecutive presentations in Congress, for a law that puts an end to these privileges. It proposes “equalizing the total amount of allowances and/or salaries received by national legislators and all political officials of the Executive and Legislative branches of the Nation with the salary received monthly by a to a teacher who works 36 hours as a professor, with 20 years of seniority, in the province of Buenos Aires, or the equivalent of two initial teaching salaries in the same province.”

The deputies of the Left Front not only receive a salary of these characteristics themselves, but they donate the rest to ongoing workers’ struggles or popular causes. The only ones who truly face the privileges in which deputies, senators, judges and ministers, among others, swim.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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