Microsoft has unveiled plans to significantly increase its presence in Europe with a major $2.1 billion investment in expanding artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud infrastructure in Spain. This news follows shortly after a similar investment by the company in the German AI ecosystem.

Investments will be realized within 2 years

Brad Smith, vice chairman and president of Microsoft, explained the investment in a statement on social media platform X, after meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Smith emphasized that the investments in Spain will be realized within two years and will involve more than just setting up data centers. The aim is to contribute to the security, development and digital transformation of the Spanish government, companies and citizens.

Microsoft has been investing in Spain for 37 years and announced in September 2021 that it would establish a new research and development center for AI technologies in Barcelona. Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, praised the investment at the time as a recognition of Spain’s talent in the digital sector.

This Spanish investment is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy in Europe, with the company announcing earlier in February that it would invest 3 billion euros in developing the AI ​​ecosystem in Germany. This commitment reflects Microsoft’s plans to strengthen the AI ​​infrastructure in Germany, build new data centers and offer training to develop AI skills.

Increase in investment in AI

Big Tech companies’ investments in AI development in Europe are increasing as the European Union prepares to implement its groundbreaking EU AI Act legislation. In addition to Microsoft’s investments, France, in partnership with Google, announced plans to set up an AI-focused hub in Paris that will house nearly 300 researchers and engineers. Google also unveiled its ‘AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe’, with an investment of €25 million in skills training for Europeans in the AI ​​sector.

These moves mark a significant step in strengthening Europe’s AI and technology infrastructure, with both public and private sectors committed to the development and implementation of AI technologies.


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