For the first time in history, Mexico will elect a woman to the Presidency in a single round this Sunday. The most prominent candidates in the polls are Claudia Sheinbaumfrom the governing party National Regeneration Movement (Morena)e Xochitl Galvezfrom the opposition, representing the National Action Party (PAN)with support from other traditional parties.

Analysts consulted by the newspaper Economic value predict that, under SheinbaumMexico can follow the political line of the current president, focusing on sensitive areas for investors such as energy e security.

On the other hand, a victory for Galvezdescribed as less likely, would face challenges in Legislative to implement liberal economic reforms. The political scenario is also marked by the possible extension of the influence of Morena no Congresswhich raises fears of lasting constitutional change.

In addition to the presidency, Mexicans will choose representatives for more than 20,000 public positionsincluding 500 deputies e 128 senators.

The results of these elections will be crucial for Mexico’s political and economic future, at a time when the country faces significant challenges in terms of infrastructure, productivity and security.


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