This Thursday, after the defeat of the ruling party in the Senate due to the megaDNU, the Left Unity Front called to continue the fight to achieve the complete annulment of DNU 70/23 in the Chamber of Deputies.

Nicolás del Caño, national deputy of the PTS-FITU, maintained in As happened with the Omnibus Law, mobilization is essential. National Strike and fight plan!

In the same sense, his companion Myriam Bregman He stated that there were no more excuses for the rule not to be discussed in the Lower House. There, as already announced publicly, the FITU will propose that the norm be rejected and declared insanely voidin such a way that all the effects it caused from the moment of its entry into force, on December 27, are nullified.

It is possible to achieve the complete annulment of DNU 70/23. But this means that opposition governors and deputies have to put aside speculation and negotiations with the Milei Government. That is what they have been doing for more than two months, giving the ruling party air to move forward with its chainsaw and blender agenda. The Provincial leaders do not oppose the adjustment; what they want is to negotiate it.

At the same time, It is necessary that the CGT, the CTA and the social movements that guide Peronism and Kirchnerism call for massive mobilization. It is necessary resume the path of the national strike of January 24. That day A crowd was in the streets across the country., showing enormous opposition to adjustment policies. It is from this side that a serious defeat can be imposed on the official policy.


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