In recent days, there has been a controversy over the request of Javier Milei, who claimed that the vote on the 2024 Budget “must take place after the elections on October 22, so that it can be agreed with the strength that has won in the presidential elections.” “. From these statements, a controversy broke out and there were different speculations about what the attitude of the Minister of Economy would be regarding the request.

Finally, it was learned that this Friday Massa will send the bill to the Chamber of Deputies. This was confirmed by the environment of the Minister of Economywhich also revealed that They evaluate Milei’s request as “reasonable” and negotiate a meeting with the La Libertad Avanza candidate.

This was confirmed the official newspaper Page 12 and also different media that reflected the ongoing negotiation between the Peronist minister and candidate and the ultraliberal. As they revealed, Cecilia Moreau -president of the chamber- would agree to postpone the debate and treatment until after the elections and She will be in charge of organizing the meeting with Milei.

Peronism raises the ghost of the right while negotiating with Milei

“Those who are not afraid, start to be afraid” was Juan Grabois’s phrase weeks ago to refer to an eventual presidency of Javier Milei. The idea, seeking to “shield” the vote for Massa and ensuring that there is no flight to the left by those who voted for him in the PASO, is repeated ad nauseam by the media, journalists and representatives of the ruling party who seek to polarize with the liberal and present itself as the only alternative to stop “a greater evil.”

But campaign speech is one thing, and reality is another thing. In recent weeks both Grabois and Sergio Berni recognized that from Peronismand mainly “Massa people”, They had collaborated in putting together the ultraliberal lists. In addition, statements were made known such as those of Governor Perotti saying that he could vote for him in a second round, and meetings with PJ union leaders such as Gerardo Martínez of UOCRA or the gastronomic Luis Barrionuevo, one of the main promoters of Wado de Pedro’s candidacy.

This new concession, agreeing to debate the 2024 Budget in a meeting alone with the “chainsaw plan” fanaticis quite contradictory with the campaign speech. What should be negotiated with the far-right Milei, if his proposal is based on cutting public spending by 15 points as he declares?

From Milei’s side they assure that it is important to postpone the treatment of the project because “it profiles and conditions in a relevant and crucial way the monetary, exchange and financial policies of the public sector.” From massism, they declare that his line is dialogue-oriented because “the next president should have the chance to redesign the budget that he will receive.” In the event of Milei’s eventual victory, Peronism is willing to negotiate the adjustment it proposes?

Whoever wins, the next period will be marked by significant weakness, with a very fragmented chamber of deputies and where any bill must be agreed upon by the majority forces to achieve its approval. If Milei finally prevails, willwhy those who say “confront the right” would be willing to meet privately to agree on cuts and the adjustment it promotes?

These types of statements do nothing more than recognize that Milei’s “anti-caste” speech is for the tribune. And, at the same time, You cannot fight the right with those who are preparing to give it governability and negotiate with it.


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