The general secretary of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Marta Rovira, assured this Tuesday during an interview for Ser Catalunya that in August the PP wanted to reach an agreement with them to support an investiture of the party leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, but that the party independentist refused.

“In August, a PP deputy, Carlos Floriano, came to propose negotiating and talking to build a majority in Congress. “We responded that we did not speak with the PP,” he said during the interview, conducted from Geneva. “I don’t know if they had the slightest hope that we would move, but that was impossible, because what unites us with the PP? Nothing”.

These statements come in a context in which Junts continues to threaten the popular parties with new revelations of the content of the conversations that the independentistas had with Feijóo’s party after the July 23 elections. ERC has stated that they also received the “call from the PP” after the elections. “We answered that we would not negotiate with those of the ‘go for them’ and those of Operation Catalunya,” says the spokesperson for the Republican party, Raquel Sans.

Rovira has not detailed when exactly the conversations took place, but he has specified that they were between his spokesperson in Congress, Teresa Jordà, and the popular deputy Carlos Floriano. “He proposed to us that we negotiate and we responded that thank you, but that we did not speak with the PP,” the Republican leader insisted.

For ERC, the only possible majority was what they call the “democratic bloc”, which facilitated the investiture of Pedro Sánchez with leftist and nationalist support. “The one that brings together progressive forces, mainly from the left, and that works to put an end to political repression,” Rovira has described it. “The PP is the opposite of this,” she stressed, and then recalled that a majority of the popular people would continue to require the support of Vox in any case.

The PP denies negotiations with ERC for the investiture

Sources from the PP have denied Rovira’s statements, ensuring that the party “has never entered into conversations or negotiations with ERC within the framework of the investiture.” As they explain, Floriano spoke with a representative “in an informal and colloquial manner” in August about how “they should let the list with the most votes govern. Without further ado,” they indicate.

The same sources insist that Floriano did not receive any request from the party to hold these conversations, and that this deputy did not speak with Rovira. “We have never established the slightest contact with ERC to seek their support for an investiture,” they add.


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