The former governor of Buenos Aires under the presidency of Mauricio Macri and national representative of Together for Change, differed from the decision of Patria Bullrich and Luis Petri to call Javier Milei to vote in the national runoff. “This morning we decided, in a Pro meeting, that each leader express himself freely.”

María Eugenia Vidal took a different position from that of her political leader Mauricio Macri, and the defeated Patricia Bullrich. Like Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and the radicals of Together for Change, Vidal said that she is not going to support Javier Milei in the presidential runoff, after Bullrich forgave him and announced that she will give her political support to La Libertad Avanza.

“This morning we decided, in a PRO meeting, that each leader express himself freely” – he published on the social network Twitter. And he clarified: “I am not going to support either of the two candidates, nor am I going to be part of the government of either of them.”

The unilateral decision of “los alcones”, headed by Patria Bullrich and Mauricio Macri, to give political support to La Libertad Avanza, generated an earthquake within Together for Change. The different radical organizations, including the governors, expressed their rejection and disagreement with the decision and the way in which it was taken.

But also inside the PRO the internal creaks again. Well, Maria Eugenia Vidal and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta also opposed this decision and called not to vote for one or the other.

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