After the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation lifted the precautionary measure that suspended the elections in the province and upon his return from the PJ Congress, Juan Manzur did not wait to call a press conference on Tuesday night where he signed the decree that establishes June 11 as the date of the next elections for all positions in Tucumán.

Consulted by journalism, he anticipated the decision of the Electoral Board -controlled by the ruling party- to have the ballots of all political forces reprinted even when only the official ballot is the one observed for bringing a new candidate for lieutenant governor. A million-dollar expense that the smallest parties will necessarily have to face and that are not financed with the resources of the provincial and municipal state, nor the contribution of businessmen, as is the case of the Left Front.

A new proscriptive obstacle in the midst of elections plagued by fraudulent acts, such as the coupling system itself with more than 100 ghost parties, which will add 62 couplings for Peronism and another 15 for Together for Change. A historical record, with more than 18,000 candidates, 1 for every 73 inhabitants. The open buying of votes and nepotism in the rotation of positions of the main candidates of the main coalitions. An electoral regime that does not even guarantee advertising spaces in the media, which are taken over by the official advertising of the governor and mayors.

This Wednesday at 9 am, the Unity Left Front calls a press conference at the Electoral Board to denounce the proscriptive and fraudulent conditions of these elections.


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