This Tuesday, in the National Congress, unions representing public media workers held a press conference and delivered 40 boxes with the signatures they gathered in recent months in support of their claim.

Representatives of the unions present were the Buenos Aires Press Union (SIPREBA) and the Argentine Federation of Press Workers (FATPREN), the Argentine Association of Communications Workers (AATRAC), the SATSAID (Television), the Aircraft Union, among others.

At the conference they called to reject the privatization of public companies, as proposed by the Base Law. Agustín Lecchi, from SiPreBa, pointed out that “we fight not only against the privatization of our public companies, but also against the Bases law, the labor reform, the removal of rights.”

From the unions present they called to mobilize this Wednesday from the morning and throughout the day to fight against the Milei project.

La Izquierda Diario spoke with Silvia Fernández, a worker and delegate of TV Pública, who has been facing adjustments, censorship and the threat of privatization.

The signatures were delivered to parliamentarians from the UxP, the CC and the Unity Left Front blocs.

Myriam Bregman took the floor and called for massive mobilization this Wednesday to defeat privatizations and the entire law.


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