Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro publicly condemned this Monday (6) the Argentine government’s decision to censor the Telesur information platform. During his program “Con Maduro +”, Maduro stated that Argentine president, Javier Milei, shows fear regarding Telesur.

“Milei is afraid, he is afraid of Telesur (…) the people will watch Telesur on all social networks”, highlighted Maduro.

Maduro also assured that Milei will not be successful in censoring the platform, as Telesur will have more power than him.

In a statement shared by the president of Telesur, Patricia Villegas, it was revealed that the Argentine government removed the broadcaster’s signal from the Open Digital Television (TDA) grid.

Furthermore, Maduro expressed solidarity with Al Jazeera network workers and journalists following Israel’s censorship.

“I know that it is a news network with high credibility in the Arab world, in the Muslim world and throughout the world, and they have suffered persecution, murder of their journalists, and now the Zionist and occupying, colonialist regime of (Benjamin) Netanyahu is trying silence them. Rest assured, Al Jazeera, that no one will be able to cover up the truth that you transmit”, commented Maduro.

Regarding the police repression in the United States (USA) against university students who have demonstrated in favor of the Palestinian people and against the genocide committed by Israel, Maduro criticized the silence of international organizations that defend human rights.

On the other hand, Maduro warned about the oligarchies’ intentions to place “a puppet president” in Venezuela to exploit the country’s wealth and undermine its sovereignty, comparing it to what happened in Argentina.


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