The millionaire Madanes not only fired 97 FATE workers but now he has presented a Preventive Crisis Procedure in which he “proposes” firing 280 more and a series of flexibility measures that would lead the factory to lose its achievements. A return to the 90s, he wants a boss dictatorship without limits. That is his intention, with which he threatens the workers from his offices. The company seeks favors, measures from Milei’s government to recover what he calls “competitiveness” and “productivity.” He complains about the increases in withholdings The withholdings on industrial exports for products with added value, but the reality is that he is targeting the workers. They are the ones he accuses of being part of those responsible for his supposed crisis due to their “absenteeism” that he has not managed to demonstrate on the pages where he requests the fake PPC. The truth is that he has one of the largest fortunes in the country at the expense of the efforts of the FATE workers and other large companies such as Aluar.

The Granate List of FATE published this leaflet calling for a massive turnout at the Fate General Assembly on Monday at 2pm and also disseminated the central points of the attack and threats from the PPC that are only known informally at the moment. The largest turnout is necessary and a plan of struggle must be voted on. This is the first factory General Assembly since the conflict began with the 97 dismissals. The Granate has insisted on its need from the first day. We know that it is not the same as assemblies by shift or sector. The General Assembly is where one can really debate and resolve. It must be massive and vote on a plan of struggle that is equal to the threat and attack in progress.

The PPC must be rejected in the Ministry and demanded that it not be given any further action. But to defeat Madanes’ plan a determined and decisive struggle is needed. The Assembly should vote on possible strikes and demonstrations and call a new Assembly afterwards to discuss and vote on new measures.

To face this fight we must call on all the solidarity organizations with which SUTNA has been mobilizing together since December 20 and in all the mobilizations against the Base Law. Call the anti-bureaucratic unions, the Assemblies, the left, student centers and secretariats that support the workers and movements of unemployed workers that are being attacked. A meeting called by SUTNA could be truly massive and organize active solidarity of all these sectors and unify us with other sectors such as the state ones that are being attacked. We have proposed it from Granate and we insist above all to the PO colleagues who have a decisive weight in the leadership of SUTNA. The fight is in defense of the workers of FATE, of SUTNA and can (and should) be supported by all sectors of solidarity. In the Northern Zone it is possible to call the broader Coordination starting with the comrades of the 60 and others such as the SUTEBA Tigre, of the INTI that suffers layoffs, Conea who are also threatened along with Madygraf and the Neighborhood Assembly in the localities where they have been stood up. We really need to reach hundreds of thousands in the area. We need the people and the municipalities to find out about Fate’s situation and provide their support.

Unity and coordination, together with the General Assembly voting on its own plan of struggle, is essential. These are the moments when the spaces we have built in these months of struggle are sorely needed. Everyone must support the workers of FATE and SUTNA.

From there and with the unity in the fight of the three tire factories (where there are open or covert layoffs) support must be demanded from the CGT. The triumph of the Fate workers is a “matter” for the entire working class. It should be an example to show how these attacks are faced at times where employers will want to take advantage of the favorable vote on the Milei Base Law and the collaborationist opposition.

Reinstatement of those laid off.

No more layoffs or flexibility.

Down with the fake PPC of Madanes.


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