Welcome ceremony of President Xi Jinping to President Lula and First Lady, Janja Lula da Silva, at the Great Palace of the People, in Beijing. Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/PR

Since assuming the third term in the presidency, Lula has already visited a dozen countries and had more than 30 meetings with heads of state, which resulted in R$ 111.5 billion in new investments for Brazil. The Presidency’s Social Communication Secretariat published data this Monday (3) on the results of the PT’s international agendas.

In January, Lula visited Argentina, for the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), and Uruguay. The following month, the petista was in the United States for a meeting with the American president, Joe Biden, who announced a donation of R$ 2.5 billion to the Amazon Fund.

The trip to Beijing, in April, resulted in the announcement of R$ 30 billion in industrial, technological, commercial and agricultural cooperation. In June, there was an announcement of over R$ 3 billion in investments in the automobile industry.

At the meeting with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, in May, the president secured another R$ 500 million for the Amazon Fund. In the same month, the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, announced a BRL 1 billion credit line for the health sector in Brazil.

During the period, the United Arab Emirates announced an investment of BRL 12.5 billion for the production of renewable fuels and, during a visit to Portugal, BRL 32 billion from the companies EDP and Galp for energy projects in the country.

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Source: https://www.diariodocentrodomundo.com.br/agendas-internacionais-de-lula-ja-renderam-r-1115-bilhoes-em-investimentos-ao-brasil/

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