Around 2 p.m., the bloc made up of combative and anti-bureaucratic unionism, with UEPC Capital, social organizations and the left, moved from the corner of Colón and General Paz (where they had gathered) to hold their act on April 27 and Vélez Sársfield (three blocks away). When the columns arrived, while they were settling in to listen to the speakers, the Córdoba Police began to fire gas at protesters and press workers.

Despite police intimidation, the organizing organizations finally carried out the event as planned.

Those affected and injured by the police attack were treated by workers from the collectively formed Health Post. Since the mobilization, they denounced that the Police detained two teachers and demand their immediate release.

In the morning it was the Gendarmerie, under the orders of Patricia Bullrich, that tried to violently clear the highway in front of the Córdoba Airports, when state workers demonstrated in repudiation of the visit of the President and his entourage.



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