In the province of Santa Fe, which produces daily headlines due to drug-criminal violence, Governor Pullaro sent repressive forces against the dairy workers of the SanCor company to guarantee production and defeat the workers’ claim that has been going on for several months. It is an alignment in fact with the Anti-Protest Protocol of Patricia Bullrich and the policy of the Milei government.

The repressive deployment inside the plant is an attack on the right to strike and a very dangerous precedent that must be rejected.. The Dairy Industry Workers Association (Atilra) warned that the clashes occur “with firearms and police forces without identification, moving among colleagues with a defiant and provocative attitude, seeking the reaction that justifies the repression.”

The SanCor plant in Sunchales was literally militarized by police and parapolice forces that arrived to repress the protest of its workers who are demanding payment of their salaries and retirement contributions.“, denounced the body of delegates on Friday. The workers also point out that the Minister of Labor of the province Roald Báscolo “turned a blind eye by not applying any sanction to the Cooperative, which was in violation for the lack of payment of salaries and corresponding contributions”.

The conflict has been going on for a long time. After a restructuring, the company owes workers salaries and payment of retirement contributions. Four months ago, at the same time that poverty and hunger numbers are growing, the company made headlines for throwing away 100,000 liters of milk as an extortion measure against workers. While millions are hungry, the government protects the businessmen by using repressive forces to defeat the workers.

The SanCor employers’ association has a repressive tradition: “during the military dictatorship all the missing colleagues from the dairy industry worked at SanCor. “It is not a coincidence,” they expressed from the union. ATILRA.

From the Autonomous CTA denounced the police operation: “our Central rejects the interference of the security forces in the workplace, even more so in this case, in which it is used to defend the interests of an employer that is failing to comply with the most basic labor right: the timely payment of workers’ salaries.

The Oil Federation They also denounced “the presence of the police inside the Sancor Sunchales plant to make it impossible to exercise the right to strike – a methodology of the last dictatorship – (which) was ordered by Maximiliano Pullaro, governor of Santa Fe.”

Octavio Crivaro, leader of the PTS in the Left Front denounced the alignment of the provincial government with the “anti-protest protocol” of the national government: “Pullaro aligns with Bullrich: the repressive deployment inside the SanCor plant is an attack on the right to strike and a very dangerous precedent that exists to reject. Enough of attacks by the company and servile repression by the government.”


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