Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s speech highlights Moscow’s continued commitment to strengthening ties with countries in the Global South and East that share fundamental values ​​such as those outlined in the UN Charter. This commitment includes defending the right of people to determine their own destiny and respect for cultural and civilizational diversity.

Lavrov also emphasized the importance of strengthening the legal and moral principles of international communication to promote a more just and multipolar world order.

He expressed shared concern about the aggressive imposition of neoliberal values, which can undermine the spiritual foundations of communities and affect the moral health of citizens.

By participating in the International Forum on Culture and Civilization “Traditional Values ​​of Eastern Peoples and the Modern World,” Lavrov expressed confidence that the event will contribute to strengthening friendship and trust between peoples, as well as offering useful practical recommendations.

This statement reflects Russia’s stance on seeking strategic partnerships with nations that share similar views on global issues and the importance of preserving cultural and civilizational diversity.

With information from TASS


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