On the night of Wednesday, May 31, during her editorial in the program that she hosts on LN+, Viviana Canosa attacked the candidate for mayor of the Left Front in Córdoba, the teacher Laura Vilches.

With disqualifying adjectives such as “berreta”, “chapucera” and “inept”, the host attacked Vilches for recording a Tik Tok video where high school students ask him about his opinion on different topics, such as inclusive language, sex education in schools, the legalization of drugs or the salaries of politicians. The “ping pong” of questions to teachers is a kind of complicit game between teachers and students, many of which go viral. This was what happened with the ping pong to Vilches, which has more than 21,000 views on Tik Tok and exceeded 100,000 views on the Instagram network.

Before the attack, Laura Vilches replied: “Canosa did not like the video we made with students. There they ask me about the legalization of marijuana and drugs. Something that I am in favor of, as we maintain from the Left Front, as one of the measures to combat drug trafficking, because it is not fought with the persecution of those who consume or grow it, but with legalization. It is not the only measure, because it is necessary to have a real health policy with a budget for those who have an addictive or problematic consumption and also, that the ports through which the drug is trafficked stop being in private hands that do business with all the forces of security.”

Then he added, “It seems that what really bothers Canosa is that teachers present ourselves as candidates to defend our rights as workers. I intuit that there is something of that when he uses the adjectives “berreta” and “chapucero” as synonymous with “vulgar”, “bad taste”, “poor quality”, perhaps because he associates that with what we laborers do, the popular sectors . As laborers that we are, we do politics of a different kind, in self-defense.”

He added: “Canosa, like the right, is annoyed that we defend the application of ESI in all schools, because they want to eliminate it and end the rights we conquered. It drives them crazy that we support the fight for women’s rights and sexual diversity, because in addition, our own lives are at stake. That’s why inclusive language bothers them and it seems scandalous for a literature teacher to speak like that. I tell you that language is not something fixed once and for all and forever in a dictionary, but rather lives and is modified in the heat of social changes, of the modification of common senses, of the struggles of the oppressed sectors.When the language stabilizes, it is because perhaps, in those struggles of class and gender, someone won. And we know that until we raised our voices under the cry of Ni Una Menos, tired of being murdered every 28 hours as it continues to happen, machismo won. But that changed and our ways of saying and naming They express that we are not going to continue accepting that the language that we use silences us, because we know that what is not named does not exist. And sexist violence in all its forms exists. Thus, we are pointing it out, because we seek to end oppression. That is why today and tomorrow, June 3, with my colleagues from Pan y Rosas and the Ni Una Menos Assembly, we will return to the streets to denounce all forms of violence, also in language, and state and political responsibilities, because they are our lives are at stake, despite whoever weighs it.”

This Friday, June 2, the Ni Una Menos Assembly calls for mobilization from Colón and Cañada at 6:00 p.m. under the slogans “With adjustment, repression and the IMF there is not one less. Enough of femicides and trans-vesticides. The state, the governments and patriarchal justice are responsible”.


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