The Place de la République in Paris was filled with people demonstrating against the growth of the extreme right and its policies of adjustment and repression. At the call of the Intersindical, which brings together the main labor confederations in the country, the massive protests were replicated in other large French cities such as Bordeaux, Brest or Toulouse. The Révolution Permanente contingent stood out among the immense columns of protesters in Paris.

The great call, held jointly by the CGT, CFDT, FSU, UNSA and Solidaires labor confederations, demonstrates the willingness of the French labor movement, the student movement that has been fighting against Israel’s genocide in Gaza, and many other social sectors, to confront with mobilization the dangerous growth of the extreme right that seeks to turn Europe into a fortress against immigration and make workers pay for the economic crisis with more adjustments.

It is estimated that more than 250,000 marched in Paris, another 20,000 in Toulouse, and similar numbers in Bordeaux and Brest. According to CGT numbers, more than 640,000 people were mobilized throughout the country. The anti-fascist slogans highlighted all the protesters’ demands, but there were also flags and songs in solidarity with Palestine in the face of the genocide carried out by Israel, and with New Caledonia oppressed by France.

Our colleagues from Révolution Permanente, part of La Red Internacional La Izquierda Diario, had an important participation in the protests, especially in Paris.


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