This Monday (25), Russia expressed doubts regarding statements by the United States that point to the Islamic State as responsible for the devastating attack on a concert hall in the Moscow region, which resulted in the death of 137 people and left another 182 dead. wounds.

The incident, which became the deadliest attack on Russian territory in the last two decades, occurred on Friday night (22) at Crocus City Hall.

Four individuals, including at least one of Tajik nationality, opened fire on the audience moments before the iconic Soviet-era band Picnic took the stage to perform the song “Afraid of Nothing”.

The suspects were captured and brought to the Basmanny District Court in Moscow under Federal Security Service escort and detained on terrorism charges.

Although the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, corroborated by official statements from the United States based on images released by the militant group, President Vladimir Putin did not directly associate the terrorists with the attack, suggesting an attempt by the attackers to escape to Ukraine.

This insinuation was vehemently rejected by Ukraine, with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy accusing Putin of trying to falsely attribute responsibility to his country.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, called into question American allegations about the involvement of the Islamic State, a group that has already tried to establish dominance over territories in Iraq and Syria, intensifying debate and speculation about the true perpetrators and their motivations.

With information from Reuters


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