Patricia Bullrich activated her repressive protocol once again this Monday morning. She did it to unleash gas, sticks, bullets and even a hydrant truck on a broad mobilization of social organizations that concentrated on the Pueyrredon Bridge and the Saavedra Bridge.

One of the news in that context that left dozens of people injured, including many journalists, was the actions of the federal forces, who expressly violated the provisions of the law, as shown by all the television cameras, and the repression advanced through the streets. which are a district of the Province of Buenos Aires.

But in that context, the widely known repressive fury of Patricia Bullrich and her troops was met with a thunderous silence from Axel Kicillof. The governor of the province did not say a word about the brutal beating that took place in the territory he governs. Neither a condemnation, nor a request for explanations.

The shadow of the brutal eviction carried out in Guernica, commanded by Sergio Berni a few years ago, can be taken as a dark precedent. Given the struggles in progress and to come, it is necessary that the employed and unemployed workers, the students and all the sectors attacked by the adjustment of Milei and the governors, seek to develop the broadest unity and independent organization of all the governments of shift.


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