The government plan presented by La Libertad Avanza is very similar to the one applied by Pinochet during the Chilean dictatorship. It is proposed to destroy basic rights, such as access to health and public education, eliminate compensation for dismissals and make retirement a scam for the private sector. Putting the military in charge of the prisons and advancing in the reduction of imputability to minors is part of this plan that could only be applied by a gendarme State through fierce repression.

Freedom Advancesbrand of Javier Miley For the presidential elections, he presented a document with the central axes of his government plan before the Electoral Court. The text was released by the lawyer Natalia Volosin.

It is a plan for privatize access to basic human rights and attack rights won by workers and the women’s movement and dissidences. A program where “state investment” only benefits large companies and strengthen the repressive apparatus.

A large part of this adjustment and privatization plan -which includes the economic opening so that foreign companies and banks can further control the country’s economy- was applied during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. As Myriam Bregman put it: “neither Martínez de Hoz nor Menem were encouraged to do so much”.

The electoral platform of mercy It is presented in a business format: with mission, vision and values. These are the central axes of this horror manifesto.

destroy education

  • Privatization of education.

    Argentina is one of the few countries in the Americas where the right to public education still exists. mercy It proposes ending free education and replacing it with a “voucher system”, as still exists in Chile. The privatization of access to education is a plan that has already failed in the region, and was one of the reasons that prompted the revolt in several countries.

  • Annul the Comprehensive Sexual Education law for all educational levels.

    Javier Miley it built its nucleus of adhesion among the anti-rights movements that oppose the laws conquered by the women’s movement and dissidents. Among them, the ESI which seeks, among other things, to give tools to children and youth, to recognize abuse situations in time. Also attacks the conquest of the right to voluntary interruption of the pregnantwhen proposing the “defense of the right to life from conception”.

  • Attacking the labor rights of teachers

    It proposes the modification of the Teaching Statute, to eliminate licenses and facilitate dismissals. On the other hand, in the privatized system that he proposes, he leaves blank how the salary of education workers will be solved.

  • Direct the choice of careers from the State

    Javier Miley He opposes the compulsory nature of public education, considering it an interference by the State on the freedom of choice of individuals. But at the same time, it raises “the modification of the curricular design” to determine from the State which are the professions that “the country needs”.

    destroy health

  • Privatization of public health

    The plan is to tariff all the benefits of the public system. This implies attacking health as an elementary human right and restricting its access for those who cannot pay for it, in a country where poverty is increasing, even among salaried workers.

  • budget adjustment

    Advance in definancing the already impoverished budgets for Health, and leave the problem of the lack of inputs in the hands of corporate “donations”. The plan is so violent that the document clarifies that “reducing public spending” does not reduce the quality and quantity of services provided.

    Destroy labor rights

  • Eliminate severance pay for dismissals without cause.

    Javier Miley proposes a regressive labor reform in rights for workers and workers. Among them, compensation in the case of dismissals without cause and the possibility of suing companies. It would replace it with an “unemployment insurance system”, where companies transfer this responsibility to the pocket of the workers themselves.

  • Maintain taxes on workers.

    On the one hand, Javier Miley proposes to eliminate taxes for employers and reduce employer charges that, among other things, contribute to retirement. But his “libertarian” project is stopped by the taxes paid by the workers, for which he only proposes their reduction. There is not a single word about eliminating the income tax for workers or VAT for the majority.

  • Make the Work Risk Law more flexible.

    This implies adapting the ART to the needs of multinational companies, so that employers save the “expenses” of dealing with the thousands of accidents at work that occur daily, due to negligence and business voracity.

  • attack pensions.

    Cut “state spending on retirement and pensions”, seeking to reduce the fiscal deficit by adjusting those who worked all their lives.

  • State workers on the street.

    Advance in layoffs of state workers, offering “voluntary withdrawals” and “early retirement” for permanent plant workers. And advance on the most precarious workers and workers without labor rights, hired with different forms of labor fraud imposed by the state.

  • Elimination of employment programs.

    The document points to the progressive elimination of social plans; but the overall economic plan points to labor flexibility and the ease of firing workers. A noventista plan that he already tested in the 90s that only brings mass layoffsmoment when the organizations of unemployed workers began to emerge, today known as “social movements”.

    a gendarme state

  • Militarize and privatize prisons

    Throughout the document, the only mention of reversing “low salaries” is for the security forces, particularly the Armed Forces. For prisons, it proposes a public-private management system; and that they be controlled by the military in a transition period. Javier Milei wears Victoria Villarroel as vice-president, one defender of the genocidal of the last military dictatorshipand established alliances with the son of the genocidal Bussi in Tucumán or the son Carlos Aragonés in La Pampa, a well-known informer.

  • Lower age of criminal responsibility.

    It is a joint heavy-handed doctrine, which seeks eliminate constitutional guarantees in criminal proceedings. In turn, it proposes lowering the age of responsibility for minors.

    Economy at the service of large companies

  • Eliminate withholdings and import duties.

    On the one hand, mercy it proposes a brutal adjustment on the State, but at the same time, it proposes to eliminate withholdings for exporting employers. A plan that aims at defund the state and its reserves and to seek to reduce the fiscal deficit -as the IMF claims-, unloading the cuts on the popular majorities.

  • dollarization.

    In addition to being unrealizable, due to the lack of dollars in the country, this implies a blow to the pocket of the working and poor people, who will see their income devalued. Since salaries and different forms of remuneration will lose enormously when the value of the North American currency is imposed on the national economy.

  • Benefits for real estate.

    Javier Miley he wants to liquidate the rental law, to advance a reform that is even more harmful to those who rent. The plan is deregulateso that the real estate industry can impose with the weight of private property the conditions it wants, to each individual tenant.

  • Privatization of public companies.

    This measure would fall, for example, in companies such as the Santiago River Shipyard de La Plata, which survived the privatizations and massive layoffs of the Menem era, for the organization and struggle of its workers. And that today continues to resist the defunding of the State. On the other hand, leaves intact the privatized public service companies (water, gas and electricity) that provide services that are increasingly in deficit, at the same time that they contribute to inflation with the rate increases that the Government allows.

  • Unilateral opening to international trade.

    This was applied for the first time in the region during the coup government of the dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile. A program similar to the one you implemented Martínez de Hozthe minister of the genocidal Argentine dictatorship.

    Overall, the libertarian plan focuses on the State only financing the roads and means of transportation so that national and foreign companies can move their products; without any regulation. And guide the resources of the State to strengthen the apparatus of repression. In addition to proposing all kinds of benefits for large employers and banks, which are the ones who impose the permanent increase in prices and pressure the devaluation of the currency. While restricting the rights of the working people and popular majorities.

  • Javier Milei with the genocide defender Victoria Villarroel

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