The dollarization of the economy is one of the most popular campaign proposals of Javier Miley. A large part of the workers who find hope in this proposal have a simplified vision: the proposal shuts them down because they believe that they are going to be paid in dollars and that their income will not be affected. Although such a measure -if it could be applied- will first require a mega devaluation of the peso and consequently, a brutal loss of purchasing power for the vast majority.

Now, Ramiro Marra clarified that dollarization is not even in the government plan, if Javier Milei were to win the presidential elections. “We have already discussed several times about when the dollarization process will be, I don’t know if we are going to do it in the first term of government or if another government is going to do it“, admitted the candidate for Buenos Aires head of government of Freedom Advances.

In other words, Javier Miley he campaigns with promises that not even La Libertad Avanza thinks they will be able to implement if they reach the government. If with his demagogy and publicity marketing he managed to get a sector of voters to think that dollarization could be something positive for the working people, with this new confession it is seen that the deception was double: neither good for the workers, nor possible to implement in a mandate.

Javier Disley

After coming out first in the PASO elections, Javier Miley began lowering the price of his campaign proposals. It was there that he clarified that there were first, second and third generation reforms: most would remain for other governments. There is an important “disley” between his reform plan and the possible application of that plan in reality.

If you reach the government, what you plan to apply mercy It is a sharp reduction in public budgets that are used, for example, to support health or education throughout the country. The deception is that it disguises this with the slogan of “adjusting to the political caste”. But his program is clear: loot the money with which these elementary rights are sustained, and pay the International Monetary Fund.

Another measure that would come with disley are the educational vouchers, who excite a sector of their voters with the possibility of accessing a private school. This is a third generation reform, left for an imaginary third government; after an imaginary second government where the economy would be dollarized. First thing, for Javier Mileyis to finish bursting the educational budget… which has already been adjusted by Peronist and right-wing governments and is the main reason for the decline in public education.

In this respect, they do not differ Massais Bullrichis schiarettiis mercy. Except Myriam Bregmanwho proposes to face the adjustment of the IMF, all the other candidates plan to continue and deepen the budget cuts.

face decay

A possible government of Javier Milei has no guarantee that it will be able to implement the attacks it plans. Even within his voters, an important sector is against his program to attack labor rights, health and education. Undoubtedly, the working people, women and youth will resist.

the figure of Javier Miley gained popularity after a tenure of Muricio Macri and another of Front of All, where the living conditions of the popular majorities worsened, while a few businessmen and bankers filled up with money. Undoubtedly, Milei wants this trend to deepen even more.

Adhesion to the figure of Mieli grew during the Peronist government; because he defrauded all his campaign promises. At the same time, the leaderships of the unions, social movements and even student centers, were in charge of keeping the youth and salaried and informal workers chewing anger without allowing them to express their social strength and fight together for another way out.

To confront the extreme right, it is necessary to confront the conditions of adjustment and decadence into which government after government dragged us. That is why it is urgent to impose a response in the streets now, to begin to reverse this situation.


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