American singer Jason Derulo has found himself in controversy after making thousands of dollars from the sale of his recently launched crypto token, JASON.

This happened despite his repeated claims that he “WILL NEVER SELL,” according to Bubblemaps analysis.

Part of an “orchestrated” plan

Sahil Arora, the controversial co-creator of the token, stated that the whole thing was part of an “orchestrated” plan. On June 23, Derulo, whose real name is Jason Desrouleaux, shared a contract address for the Solana-based token on

Hours later, Derulo claimed that known scammer and memecoin promoter Sahil Arora had misled him, but vowed to “do everything in my power to send this shit to the moon.”

Doubts from Bubblemaps about Derulo’s story

Despite these claims, Bubblemaps expressed doubts about Derulo’s story on June 24 on X. Wallets linked to Arora were found, containing half of JASON’s supply. These wallets “dumped almost everything” and made a profit of $180,000 after Derulo’s first post about the token.

Bubblemaps further stated that a wallet believed to belong to Derulo “received tokens directly from” Arora’s wallet and sold approximately $20,000 worth of tokens. This happened despite Derulo’s promise in at least 3 X-posts that he would not sell his tokens.

“Derulo’s actions don’t really reflect someone who has been fooled,” Bubblemaps said. “He immediately asked Ansem for a Space, hyped his community, hinted at token burning and launched buying contests,” it added.

Both play a role in the game

Responding to Bubblemaps’ accusations, Arora said that “it’s all orchestrated, we both have a role in the game and people with [hersenemoji] can see that easily.” He supported Bubblemaps’ claim that the said wallet was indeed Derulo’s.

When asked how the optics of Derulo selling his token played a role in the plan, Arora responded with a GIF of Dagestani influencer Hasbulla and said, “business, business.”

The plan appears to have paid off: JASON is up 175% in the past day and now has a market cap of $7.7 million. However, the value has fallen 40.5% from its peak of just over one cent in late June.


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