Japanese listed company Metaplanet has switched to a Bitcoin standard and is buying the dip. Despite the huge fall in Bitcoin price, Metaplanet decided to buy another 2.5 million dollars worth of Bitcoin.

Metaplanet shared on Twitter yesterday that it purchased another 42,466 Bitcoin for 400 million Japanese yen (about $2.5 million).

After that purchase, Metaplanet now owns a total of 203,734 Bitcoin, which were purchased for an average price of 10 million yen (about $62,000). This puts Metaplanet’s average purchase price about 7% higher than the current Bitcoin price.

They probably don’t care about that, otherwise they wouldn’t have bought that extra $2.5 million worth of Bitcoin yesterday.

It is nice to see that Metaplanet is a company that copies MicroStrategy’s strategy. Incidentally, Metaplanet is not the only one copying MicroStrategy’s strategy. Not long ago, there was an American party that adopted Bitcoin as their primary reserve asset.

Semler Scientific also follows MicroStrategy

In addition to Metaplanet, Semler Scientific is also following in the footsteps of MicroStrategy.

Semler Scientific is a medical industry company that started with an investment of around $40 million in Bitcoin. Not long ago, the company also announced a $150 million round of funding.

It wants to raise the $150 million through bonds and then invest in Bitcoin to secure the company’s future.

MicroStrategy’s “speculative attack on the US dollar” is going a bit slower than expected. Many Bitcoiners had hoped that more parties would follow Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy, but slowly we are seeing more companies take a similar step.

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Source: https://newsbit.nl/japans-bedrijf-koopt-opnieuw-25-miljoen-aan-bitcoin/

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